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Mrs. Minamoto's pearl necklace (しずかのママの真珠のネクレース) is a beautiful pearl necklace owned by Mrs. Minamoto. The necklace was a wedding gift from her husband and hold great sentimental value to her. The pearls are perfect and near impossible to replicate, making it one of kind. According Shizuka, it has very high price on the present day market.

It has prominent appearance in the episode Shizuka's Necklace where Shizuka secretly takes out the necklace and show it to the gang. The necklace is accidently destroyed by Gian. Doraemon and Nobita later use Pearl Maker Shellfish to create several new pearls for repairing the necklace. Later that evening, Shizuka (with a little help from Nobita) goes to recover the rest of the pearls and return it to her mother, who tells her to keep it and she promises to give the necklace to her when Shizuka marry, which she does in The Night Before Nobita's wedding when Shizuka marries Nobita.