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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.

My Guardian is an episode from the 1979 anime series and 2005 anime series.


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Nobita experienced three mishap along his way home. First, he was beaten by Gian and when he try to ran away, he bumped into a dog then bit him. He tried to ran away again but his foot got caught in a puddle of mud. He came home and asked help from Doraemon to prevent misfortune happening to him. Doraemon pulls out a gadget called Guardian Paper, a piece of paper that protects you from any harm once you prayed to it. It proves to be very helpful in protecting him from any harm. He was protected from slipping down the stairs, from a falling vase, from the dog that bit him earlier, from the mad cow. However, Gian caught the paper and tore it to pieces after Nobita provoked him which made the paper attack Gian. Nobita went home and found Doraemon sleeping. He went over his pocket and plans to get another gadget that looks similar to the one awhile ago but instead its black piece of paper while Doraemon was still sleeping. It was too late when Doraemon woke up from his sleep because Nobita already prayed to it. The black piece of paper was the opposite of the Guardian Paper. Which gives pestilence to the one who prayed. Thus, misfortune happened to Nobita one by one. His mother saw his test paper with the failing mark and he was scolded. He went out. A falling vase almost hit him if it were not for Doraemon who pushed him away. He met the barking dog which tried to chase him; rhinoceros also chased him, Gian also tried to chase him when a spaceship landed with aliens on board. The story ended with Nobita, Doraemon and Gian being chased by the aliens.


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