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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.
N-S Badges
Suneo Warning Nobita About Gian Beating Him 79
N・S wappen
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 1979
Broadcast date April 5, 1979
Season 1
Episode number 4
Doraemon N.S Crest
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Previous episode Memorization Bread for Testing
Next episode Wrestling Killer

N & S Emblems is an episode from the Doraemon 1979 anime.


In the Open Lot, Gian claims that he discovered something interesting which can make him win a Nobel Prize. He shows that two north poles and two south poles repel while one north and one south attract to Nobita, Shizuka and Suneo while holding two magnets through strings. Nobita says that he knew that since kindergarten and calls Gian stupid, which makes Gian chase him in anger because of embarrassment. Nobita runs inside his house and was seen near sitting near the window of his room while Gian was threatening him that he'll get beaten when he comes out. Nobita begs Doraemon for help while crying to which Doraemon responds that he cannot as they share same school and neighborhood. Suddenly an idea pops into his head and he takes out N-S Crest from his pocket. He explains that the badges behave just like an ordinary magnet and tries to test them. In the living room, Nobisuke is seen reading a newspaper and the door behind him opens. Nobita is seen peeking through it and Doraemon puts N badge on Nobisuke's back. He then puts another N badge on Tamako's back who is seen doing the dishes in the kitchen. Doraemon tells her that Nobisuke is calling her and Tamako stops her work and approaches towards Nobisuke. As she comes closer to him, she gets repelled and falls. She tries again and same thing happens. Nobisuke tries to come near her and she gets bounced away. He tries again and she falls over Doraemon and Nobita. Nobisuke tries to chase her in curiousity and she gets repelled. Nobita asks Doraemon to stop their fight and Doraemon replaces N badge of Nobisuke with S. Tamako sticks with Nobisuke and they get embarrassed. Nobita and Doraemon get out of their house through the main door. Doraemon puts S badge on Nobita's t-shirt and tells him that he is going to stick S badge on Gian and goes.

Nobita is seen walking and Suneo runs towards him and warns him about Gian. Nobita says that he's not afraid and Suneo runs off to find Gian. Gian says he'll tear up Nobita angrilly and runs away and Suneo gets excited. Gian approaches towards Nobita and comes close to him which makes Nobita curious and he checks out that the badge is not there on his t-shirt. Doraemon comes into the scene and says that he's not done the job yet. Doraemon puts the badge on Gian's t-shirt as he was going to beat Nobita. Gian gets thrown away. He tries chasing Nobita but fails. Suneo gets surprised to see Nobita being that quick. Nobita and Doraemon walk away and Nobita asks for some more badges. Doraemon asks him the reason while taking the badges out to which Nobita replies that he'll be doing good things while taking them.

Nobita is seen holding a N badge while walking. He imagines Shizuka getting close to him because of the badge. He sees Shizuka passing by and runs towards her and gets tied by a rope. He holds a light pole nearby and Gian is seen pulling the rope to come closer to him. The rope gets torn and Gian flies away. Nobita runs towards Shizuka and puts S badge on her due to which Shizuka gets thrown away. He gets disappointed and approaches towards her with N badge again while apologizing and Shizuka asks him not to come towards her as was getting pushed away again and again. Nobita then tries to take out the badge from his t-shirt but fails. Then he takes out his t-shirt and puts N badge on his vest. He moves his eyes around but was not able to see Shizuka and so he starts running while calling her name.

Gian was seen fallen near the dustbins unconsciously. He flows in the air because of getting attracted to Nobita's badge. They go parallelly by the wall and then Gian is seen following Nobita through air unconsciously. And then Gian is over Nobita on the road. Nobita shouts for help and Doraemon and Suneo keep watching him in surprise. Doraemon says that he warned Nobita to not to joke around with the gadget. The episode ends with a picture where Doraemon is seen getting afraid to a rat who is in love with him.


Gadgets Used[]


Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Hindi NS एम्ब्लेम NS Emblem


Voice Actor Role(s)
Nobuyo Ōyama Doraemon
Noriko Ohara Nobita Nobi
Michiko Nomura Shizuka Minamoto
Kaneta Kimotsuki Suneo Honekawa
Sachiko Chijimatsu Tamako Nobi
Sachiko Chijimatsu Tamako Nobi
Masayuki Katou Nobisuke Nobi




  • Doraemon was able to replace Nobisuke's badge easily while Nobita was unable to tear off the S badge and had to take off his t-shirt to attach the N badge on his singlet.