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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.
Nobita's Home Tutor
1979 anime series
Float Pipe and Tobacco
Nature Plastic Model Series
Shizen kansatsu puramoshirīzu
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 1979
Broadcast date July 5, 1991
Season 13
Episode number 1135
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Nature Plastic Model Series is an episode from the 1979 series.


Suneo shows his friends a plastic model of a dinosaur he had made. He senses something amiss when Nobita is determined to do a plastic model for himself, because Nobita would go to Doraemon when he says so. Nobita persuades Doraemon, who cites the example of the plastic model of 22nd century-Tokyo, where it takes years to build everything, including the buildings and transportation, in a scale of 1:100. However, he refuses to give one to Nobita, as he had not built a single plastic model yet, but after much persuasion from Nobita, he decides to give a butterfly plastic model to him.

Doraemon and Nobita sets up the plastic model, which consists of pedestal parts and two halves of a plastic egg shell, and places the glued egg on the pedestal. Suneo happens to crawl up a traffic pole, and sees Nobita's plastic model of a "plant". Finding it funny, he laughs and falls off the pole. Meanwhile, Nobita and Doraemon watches closely as the egg hatches into a caterpillar, then into a butterfly before it disappears back into the two-halves of the egg shell.

Nobita invites Shizuka to come over to his house to see a plastic model, passing by the open lot where Gian and Suneo are chatting. She joins Nobita and Doraemon in watching the growth of a frog, and takes the sparrow plastic model and a Stop Spray from them afterwards. Suneo sees Shizuka taking a plastic model back home, and decides to take a look. He is surprised to find a sparrow feeding its chicks outside Shizuka's house, and rushes back to Nobita's house to steal one for himself. He takes the dinosaur plastic model after he scared Doraemon away.

Suneo assembles the plastic model and the egg hatches into a dinosaur, which destroys the house. Nobita and Doraemon arrive at the scene, and tries to assure that the dinosaur would eventually turn back into an egg, but it would be only after it fully grows into its 30 metre length and 130kg weight, leaving Suneo and his parents in dismay.


Gadgets used[]


[Nobita and Doraemon finished assembling the plastic model. After an awkward silence...]
Nobita: The plastic model is done?! With this plastic model, everyone will laugh at me later on!
Doraemon: [calmly] Don't be so agitated.
[The scene cuts to Suneo peeping at Nobita's room with a pair of binoculars, with the plastic model in between them]
Suneo: What have they done? [takes out the binoculars] That's a plastic model? That's so funny! [as he is laughing, Suneo loses his balance on the pole and crashes on the ground]

[Suneo scavenges through the plastic models in Nobita's room]
Nobita: Stop searching, Suneo!
Suneo: Don't talk nonsense. Can't you give me one? [tries to push Nobita]
Nobita: [trying to resist] No way.
[Doraemon happens to return back to the room, and sees Suneo and Nobita tussling]
Suneo: You have so much, won't you give me one?
Nobita: No way!
Doraemon: [walking over] Why are the both of you fighting?!
Nobita: Suneo is pestering me to lend one from me!
Suneo: You would give me one, Doraemon.
Doraemon: No. These are for natural observations.
Suneo: [turns to the plastic models, and points at one of them] Hey look, a mouse egg.
Doraemon: [terrified] MICE...!! [flies out the window of the room] I'M AFRAID OF MICE!! HOW SCARY THEY ARE!! [suddenly realizes something, and stops in his tracks] Mice cannot lay eggs!
[Doraemon flies back to the room, and finds Suneo gone]
Doraemon: Where did Suneo-kun go?
Nobita: He had just taken away the marvelous one.
Doraemon: [folds his arms in anger] That lad, he is unreasonable!


Nobita's Home Tutor
1979 anime series
Float Pipe and Tobacco