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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Inviting a Dinosaur to Japan
2005 anime series
The Giant Monster in the Uninhabited Island
Nature Plastic Model Series
Shizen kansatsu puramoshirīzu
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date March 3, 2006
Season 2
Episode number 40
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Nature Plastic Model Series is an episode from the 2005 series.


After Suneo shows his friends a plastic model of a dinosaur he made, Nobita is determined to do a plastic model for himself. Suneo senses something amiss, because Nobita would go to Doraemon when he says so. Nobita indeed persuades Doraemon, who cites the example of the plastic model of 22nd century-Tokyo, where it takes years to build everything, including the buildings and transportation, in a scale of 1:100. However, he refuses to give one to Nobita, as he had not built a single plastic model yet, but after much persuasion from Nobita, he decides to give a butterfly plastic model to him.

Doraemon and Nobita sets up the plastic model, which consists of pedestal parts and two halves of a plastic egg shell, and places the glued egg on the pedestal. Suneo quietly follows Nobita and sees his plastic model of a "plant" from a traffic pole. Finding it funny, he laughs and falls off the pole. Meanwhile, Nobita and Doraemon watches closely as the egg hatches into a caterpillar, then into a butterfly before it disappears back into the two-halves of the egg shell.

Nobita invites Shizuka to come over to his house to see a plastic model, which is through the open lot where Gian and an injured Suneo are chatting. She joins Nobita and Doraemon in watching the growth of a frog and is in for a scare when it suddenly jumps out of the tank. Furious, she leaves, but Nobita makes her stay and gives her the sparrow plastic model to take it home. Suneo sees Shizuka taking a plastic model back home, and decides to take a look. He sees a sparrow flying above him, and is surprised to find it feeding its chicks outside Shizuka's house. He rushes back to Nobita's house to steal one for himself, by scaring Doraemon away.

Suneo assembles both halves of a huge egg on a pedestal in his room. At night, a creature larger than the size of Suneo's residence destroys the house, forcing Suneo and his parents out of the residence. When Nobita and Doraemon arrive at the scene, Suneo tries to salvage the situation, and as the dinosaur begins to move, it blows him back to where his parents are. Furthermore, because Suneo used the Stop Spray, it becomes hard for it to turn the roaring dinosaur back into an egg.


Gadgets used[]


[This scene is shown twice, once in Suneo's dream and another time when Nobita actually seeks for Doraemon]
[Doraemon is munching on a dorayaki in Nobita's room. Nobita happens to kneel next to him, and later clasps his hands to one side and says...]
Nobita: Hey, Doraemon!
[Doraemon looks at Nobita with a bored expression]

[Nobita and Doraemon finished assembling the plastic model. After an awkward silence...]
Nobita: Eh? It's done?! [in frustration] Argh! With this plastic model, everyone will laugh at me!
[The scene cuts to Suneo peeping at the plastic model in Nobita's room with a pair of binoculars]
Suneo: What is that they have done? [takes out the binoculars] That's a plastic model? That's so funny! [Suneo laughs. In the process, he loses his balance on the pole and crashes on the ground]

[Shizuka watches the growth of a frog in a tank.]
Shizuka: Looks like there is nothing inside this tank.
Nobita: Look closely.
Shizuka: Huh? What is that round thing over there?
Nobita: An egg.
[The egg hatches into a tadpole]
Shizuka: Oh, it has hatched into a tadpole.
[The tadpole sprouts legs and continues to swim in the water]
Shizuka: Looking at it, the tadpole has grown.
[A frog suddenly jumps out of the tank, scaring Shizuka. She jumps onto the desk, while Nobita brings the frog close to Shizuka]
Nobita: No worries! [Shizuka resists] It's plastic! Look!
Shizuka: I'm afraid of frogs! Take it back!
[The frog disappears back into the two halves of the egg shell]
Nobita: Oh? It's turned back into an egg.

[Suneo barges into Nobita's house and runs upstairs.]
Nobita: [offscreen, disturbed] AH! [Doraemon peeks out of the living room with a dorayaki in hand] DORAEMON!
Doraemon: [runs upstairs] What... What... What... [opens the door] What's the matter, Nobita-kun?
Nobita: [as Suneo is scavenging through the plastic models] Doraemon, Suneo said he wanted one, too!
Doraemon: [walks to Suneo] Alright, don't be so willful!
Suneo: But I want one of these!
Doraemon: No way!
Suneo: [craftily takes a plastic model] Ah, a mouse egg.
[Doraemon gasps]
Doraemon: [terrified] MICE! MICE! MICE! MICE! [flies out of the window of the room] I'M AFRAID OF MICE!! HOW SCARY... [halts right before the viewers' perspective]
Doraemon: [descends down the sky] Mice cannot lay eggs! [flies back to the room]
[Doraemon finds Suneo gone]
Doraemon: He's taken one? Which one was that?
Nobita: He has taken the coolest one. Besides that, he stole the Stop Spray as well.


  • In many overseas broadcasts, due to this episode lasting for only 11 minutes, the episode A World Without Mirrors was aired together to make up for the underrun.
  • The destruction of Suneo's house occured at night, instead of immediately during the day in the 1979 anime.
Inviting a Dinosaur to Japan
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