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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.

Nin'nin Training Set (ニンニン修行セット Nin'nin shugyō setto) is an remake episode from 2005 anime.


Doraemon sees Nobita lying at home all day, and Doraemon asks Nobita to watch the ninja program, hoping that Nobita will learn "ninja spirit", so Nobita wants to practice ninjutsu. Doraemon says that ninjutsu is "Patience", practice is very hard, Nobita says he will overcome, so Doraemon takes out gadget for Nobita to practice, first takes out "Escaping Technique Scroll" by mistake, and then takes out "Nin'nin Training Set ". After seeing it, Nobita first wants to practice "Water Walking Scroll". He wants to go to the beach in summer so that Shizuka can admire him, but after putting on a water spider and falling in the bathtub, he decides to give up. Then Nobita changes to practice "Tengu Flying Technique", hoping to surprise Shizuka by jumping high. But because he is too impatient, he adjusts the speed of the seed too fast. As a result, the tree grows so tall that he can't jump over it. So Nobita changes to practice "Walking Hundred Miles in the Gale Wind Technique", trying to run faster than the wind, and impress Shizuka with admiration. But seeing the appearance of that gadget, He finds it ugly and doesn't want to practice. Doraemon accuses him of not practicing to overcome difficulties? Nobita has no choice but to do what he can, and runs out to nake with a strap on his back, but is teased by Gian and Suneo, and just happenes to be embarrassed by Shizuka. Nobita's loincloth is stepped on and falls off and becomes naked, and is slapped by Shizuka. Nobita feels very angry when he comes home. Doraemon asks him to practice ninjutsu. At this time, he just talked about ninjutsu with his father. Dad mentions that when they were young, the transformation technique with a scorpion in the mouth was popular. Nobita remembers that he has taken the wrong gadget before, Doraemon lends Nobita the scroll, saying "Don't become a mouse", Nobita really turns into a mouse and scares Doraemon faint. Then he turns into a toad and goes to Shizuka's house. First, he scares Gian and Suneo, but Shizuka is so scared that he drives him out, and is chased and beaten by the two of them. The result is Shizuka. After that, Nobita turns into a dog again to please Shizuka, but he meets a wild dog and is bitten badly. In the end, Nobita decides to use invisibility to attack Gian, but he is found and chased because he forgets that his invisibility can only last ten minutes. Then he becomes invisible again, and because of his invisibility, he is almost chased by car and truck, accidentally injured by construction workers, and is shot by a ball. Beaten with sticks and sprayed by his mother who can't see him. Nobita, who returns home, stretchs out on the ground and tells Doraemon that ninjutsu is indeed "the art of endurance".


Gadgets Used[]

  • Ninja Training Set
  • Ninja Secret Scroll


  • In episode 269b and the 1979 anime, Nobita reads comics about ninja. But in this episode, Nobita watched Ninja Hattori on television.