Nippon TV Video (日本テレビ動画 Nihon Terebi Dōga) is a defunct Japanese animation studio. It was the successor of Japan Broadcast Video Studio (日本放送映画者スタジオ Nihon Hōsō Eigasha Sutajio) (from 1966 to 1968) and Tokyo TV Video (from 1968 to 1971). Nippon TV Video was the animation studio behind Doraemon (1973 anime).


Nippon TV Video was created as Japan Broadcast Video Studio in 1965 and lasted with the name until 1968, when it changed to Tokyo TV Video, which ended three years later, to change the name to Nippon TV Video in November 1971, in basis of "Nippon" + "TV Video", and not to have a relation with the TV network Nippon TV. During mid-1973, the president Kiyoshi Watanabe left his charge on the studio and disappeared. The studio entered in bankruptcy and dissolved on September 30, 1973, during the last episode of Doraemon. The management period at Nippon TV ended in 1980, and most of the tapes' whereabouts are still unknown. The ex-president Watanabe re-appeared once in 1986, after being arrested for weapon possession in the Philippines. After this incident, Watanabe never appeared again and his whereabouts are unknown to this day too. In 2016, there were rumors that indicate that some tapes are still on the former Nippon TV Video offices (now apartments) in Niigata.[1]


Japan Broadcast Video Studio era

Tokyo TV Video era

Nippon TV Video era


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