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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Nobi the Thief is Somewhat Arrested!
Release date November 27, 2015
Japanese title のび泥棒をタイホせよ!
English title Nobi the Thief is Somewhat Arrested!
Season number 11
Episode number 738
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Nobi the Thief is Somewhat Arrested is an episode from the 2005 series.


When Nobita saw a group of children playing tag, Nobita invites his friends to play the game but Gian and Suneo says it is a game for kids. Doraemon takes out the Become a Police-Thief Set and Suneo and Gian are quite excite. Doraemon explained that the set is used for playing the game of tag in the future, where in a group of Police Officers must chase the group of Thieves. The Police Team has their own toy guns and tracking nose while the Thief Team's physical abilities were enhanced and their cloth can be converted into a rope to reach high places. The park is considered a jail to keep the tagged thieves. Doraemon lets Nobita and them play this fun game. The police catchs a lot of thieves, but they are all taken away by Dekisugi, so the police decides to arrest him first. Nobita is chased by the police when he escapes, but fortunately Shizuka rescues Nobita.

When Nobita and Shizuka run away, they meet Dekisugi and they run away together. But the three are chased by a number of police officers when they reaches the overpass.

Just when Dekisugi wants to escape with Shizuka, Shizuka grabs Dekisugi's hand, and Dekisugi is arrested by Shizuka.

It turns out that Shizuka is a spy for the police in order to arrest Dekisugi easily. He is arrested by the police and tells Nobita to run away as fast as possible.

Just as Nobita is surrounded by the police, a strong wind suddenly blows. Nobita successfully escapes from the police using the cloth, but is finally shot by the police's "Action Freezing Gun". Fortunately, Nobita is blown away by the wind thanks to the cloth. The police arrests several thieves again, but Nobita is the only one who has not been caught. At the end of the game, Nobita has not been arrested by the police, resulting the thief wins the game. (Everyone doesn't know that Nobita is hanging on a tree beside him). Gian and Suneo are the leaders in the Police Team while Nobita and Dekisugi in the Thief Team.


Gadgets used[]


  • The gadget Become a Police-Thief Set was based on the phrase Narikiru (成り切る) meaning to turn completely into and Kei comes from Keisatsu (警察, meaning Police) and Doro comes from Dorobō (泥棒, meaning Thief).
  • Also this episode dedicated in memory of Sumiko Shirakawa who voiced Dekisugi she Passed Away in November 26 2015.
  • This is second time Shizuka act as an antagonist, the first it Nobita Meets the Masked Queen (That she forgot her memories and controlled by Shamate).
  • If Nobita was chosen in the Police Team, he would have easily caught and arrested many thieves by shooting them with Clink-Clink gun due to his great marksmanship.