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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.
Nobiko's Appearance
Release date 26 January 2001
Japanese title のび子登場!
English title Nobiko's Appearance
Episode number 1610
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Nobiko's Appearance is an episode from the Doraemon (1979 anime).


Gian shows his friends a scarf Jaiko had made for him. Meanwhile, Doraemon is touched when Dorami sends vitamin supplements to him. Nobita sees that Gian and Doraemon both have younger sisters who love them a lot, so he gets jealous and wants a little sister for himself. Doraemon takes out a gadget called the Robot Family Maker and creates a five year old sister called Nobiko for him.

Nobita accompanies Nobiko by making string figures for her. When Tamako reprimands him for failing a test again, Nobiko defends her Onni-chan, which makes Tamako surprised that she faints momentarily. Nobiko throws a tantrum when Nobita does not let her go along when he is called for baseball practice at the open lot, and Nobita lets her tag along to appease her. There, Nobita flops at hitting the baseball, but with Nobiko's encouragement, Nobita eventually succeeds in hitting the ball.

Nobita brings Nobiko to see Shizuka, who is tidying up her room. He is enraged when Nobiko brings a cat to mess up Shizuka's room, and makes her cry. She flies into a rage and attack Shizuka. Nobita brings her home, where Nobiko misunderstands that Nobita wanted more younger sisters and makes many clones of herself, who all surround both Nobita and Doraemon.


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