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The Nobis' Residence is the house of The Nobi Family. Nobita Nobi, Nobisuke Nobi, Tamako Nobi and Doraemon live in the Nobis' Residence. The residence has always been the key location in the series and movies. Nobita's grandmother and grandfather have rented the lot to build the residence. The house is of moderate size and has a small garden along with a shed. Nobita's room design was almost like a Washitsu, a Japanese room that is popular with Japanese seniors. Doraemon's Time Machine portal is also located in the drawer of Nobita's desk.

Many years later, Doraemon would eventually go back to the future, the family would move out to live in a mansion and the house is demolished. In Nobita's Bride, it is revealed that the area would be later built into a public park and the place where Nobis' Residence is would be replaced with a public toilet.


  • Nobita's Room (Second floor)
    • Time Machine
  • Tamako and Nobisuke's room (2nd floor in the early manga and 1979 anime, first floor in 2005 anime)
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Toilet
  • Attic (accessed through Doraemon's closet)
  • Spare Room

Differences between adaptations

  • In the manga, 1979 and 2005 anime, Nobita's room has one window while in the 1973 anime it has two windows. 
  • In the 1973 anime, the house appeared to had a wooden balcony instead of a window. Also, the house's distribution was different from the other adaptations. The fence was made of wooden sticks and bushes around it. The roof was blue.
  • In the 1979 anime, the house's roof was purple, in the 2005 anime, the color was changed to red.
  • In the 1979 version of The Fishing Pond in My Study Room, the door to Nobita's room (a sliding door) has letters on it. This is not seen in any other episodes of the 1979 anime or 2005 anime series.
  • In the 1979 anime series, the door to Nobita's room is two sliding paper doors, while in the manga, 2005 anime, and movie since Nobita's Dinosaur 2006, the door is an only one wooden door. In the 1973 series, the door to Nobita's room is inconsistent, in some episodes it is two sliding paper doors and in other episodes it is a wooden door.
    • The stair placement and hallway of the upper floor is also changed.
      • Stair in 1973 and 1979 anime series is between the two rooms of the lower and upper floors, while the others, the stair is located on the hallway on the lower floor that leads to the kitchen.


  • Whenever Dorami had to stay overnight in Nobita's time, she would stay in Nobita's room and bunk in with Doraemon.


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