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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.
Nobita's Bride
Nobisuke And Young Nobita Bride 79
Nobita no o yome-san
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 1979
Broadcast date April 7, 1979
Season 1
Episode number 6
Doraemon Nobita's Bride
Episode Guide
Previous episode Wrestling Killer
Next episode Doraemon's Great Prediction

Nobita's Bride (Nobita's Wife) is an episode from the Doraemon 1979 anime.


The Nobi Family and Doraemon are having relaxing days while looking through an album of Nobita's life and happily speculating his future. This however, caused a worry for Nobita as he wonders who his future bride/wife might be. Doraemon and Nobita use The Time Machine and head to the future to confirm the fact.

When they reached the future, however, they are surprised to find the Nobi's Residence demolished and turned into a public park. Asking a police officer who was on duty, the two of them manage to locate the future Nobita's mansion and head there. They find an ugly woman waiting impatiently in the living room. To Nobita's pleasure, she's not his wife as his wife is indeed Shizuka. Adult Shizuka then proceeds to drag him inside the room, mistaking him for her son Nobisuke. The ugly woman then chews out Shizuka for not disciplining her son properly as that woman's son was bullied by Nobisuke. After she left, Shizuka was angry then proceed to spank Nobita and complain that why can't he be more calm ,disciplined and gentle like his father. At the same time, the real Nobisuke returns home which shocks the mother son duo . He claimed that Nobita (and Doraemon) are aliens that plan to take over their house. The two of them quickly escape back to the Time Machine but were cornered and beaten up by Nobisuke as the toilet was being in use.

After they made it back to the present time, Nobita complains about his future son's rude behaviour with Doraemon says that at least he is energetic. Tamako then comes into the room and tells Nobita that Shizuka comes for a visit which caused Nobita to be full of embarrassment. The episode end with Nobita and Shizuka holding hands and walking together towards the sunset with Doraemon smiling while watching the two of them.


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