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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Nobita's Bride
Nobita no Oyomesan
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Season 10
Episode number 373b
Doraemon Chapter 105: Nobita's Bride
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Nobita's Bride is an episode from the Doraemon 2005 anime, and a remade episode from the original 2005 version.


哆啦A梦新番-373 石头帽&大雄的新娘! - YouTube - Google Chrome 6 10 2020 6 37 48 PM

"Happy Birthday Nobita" in Japanese

The episode takes place at Nobita's Birthday. Doraemon is looking for a place to put a "Happy Birthday Nobita" sign at the kitchen, while Nobisuke Nobi and Tamako Nobi is at the living room looking at the album of Nobita, then he and Doraemon joins in. As they were talking about what Nobita's future would look like in a few years. As they talk, he will enter Middle, High, College, and after graduation, he will become a single adult. When Tamako Nobi said the word "wife", he started blushing, and Doraemon said, "If he gets married", and Nobita starts chasing him around the room, and goes out of the room and "winks", telling Doraemon that he will marry Shizuka in the future, but he replied that the future might change and it can't stay like that forever, which shocks Nobita. Then, he hears the phone call from Shizuka saying that she will arrive late. Nobita jumps on his mind telling Doraemon to hurry up and go to the time machine to see if he "will" marry Shizuka in the future, then carries Doraemon into the time machine, then goes off to 25 years later, the day on his birthday. When they arrived, the notice they landed inside the bathroom, which means there neighborhood 25 years later, had turned into a public park.

Then they went off to the police station and asked them where Future Nobita lives 25 years later, which is the big apartment. It also said that future Nobita lives on the 12th floor, Room 68. When they both arrive before he is about to ring the doorbell, Nobita said to Doraemon that it's a bad idea to see their past selves directly, and Doraemon agrees. Instead, he pulled out a gadget: X-Ray Glasses, and gives it to Nobita and takes a quick peek through the door, and sees an ugly and terrifying woman (somewhat similar to Suneo's face), and goes in shock that it was not Future Shizuka, and runs off back outside. Doraemon tells him on the bright side that he has a wife, but Nobita still disagrees. Then, they saw future Shizuka running off somewhere then the two follows her. As they continue to develop Shizuka, Nobita noticed future Shizuka goes inside the house and tells Doraemon that's his ACTUAL house, and he thinks that the police they asked earlier gave him the wrong house address. As they get closer to where Shizuka went, he saw the word "Dekisugi", which he THINKS that Shizuka and Dekisugi ended up together in the future, and goes in despair without a word. In fact, the purpose that Shizuka goes to Dekisugi's house is to see if her son Nobisuke Nobi is with Hideyo (Dekisugi's Son) but Nobisuke isn't there and future Shizuka goes off. Doraemon saw future Shizuka comes out, pulls off two "Invisible Cape" for both of them immediately, but it was too late to put both of them, leaves Nobita visible, which makes future Shizuka spot Nobita (Mistaking him for her son, Nobisuke), and gets angry at him, and walks off with her disappointment face. While walking, he and Doraemon realize that his REAL wife is Shizuka, and jumps in joy, embarrassing Shizuka by the whole crowd, and continues walking. Back at the future house, future


Present Nobita and Doraemon looking at the photo of Nobita's future

Shizuka apologized to the woman, and then she mentioned that "Nobisuke always makes Sunetaro cry", and tells future Shizuka to scold him properly. The doorbell rang, future Suneo arrives, and it also reveals that the woman he saw earlier was Suneo's wife. Future Suneo tries to cheer up her wife, but she crushes the rose, and suddenly gets angry, telling him that he never cared for Sunetaro, and the two walks off out of the house, while for Doraemon says that he feels terrible for Suneo's future. Shizuka looks at Nobita with her serious face, and spanks Nobita complaining that he is not as calm, disciplined and gentle as his father, and always being a naughty person. As the spanking, Shizuka goes back inside the kitchen to prepare for future Nobita's birthday, then Doraemon called Nobi


Future Shizuka and Present Nobita putting up strawberries in the cake

ta and tells him to look at the photos of his future. The gallery includes "Happy Birthday Dad", the day during Nobita and Shizuka's wedding, the day Nobisuke was born, Nobisuke's Birthday (1st or 2nd), and Nobita and Shizuka staring at the beautiful sunset together. Nobita felt really happy after he saw the photos of him and Shizuka being together, so does Doraemon. Then at the kitchen, Nobita goes to Shizuka and check to see what's wrong, she said that the oil burned her finger while cooking, but tells him that's she's alright. When Nobita puts on an upset face, she grabs a bandage and puts in on her burned finger, then touch Nobita's short little nose because Shizuka said to him that his face looks like future Nobita (even though it's not Nobisuke). Then, Nobita asks Shizuka what does she like about future Nobita. She said: "Even though he is lazy, he is gentle, thoughtful, and I love them all." With those words caught on his minds, he began to blush again and helps future Shizuka preparing for future Nobita's birthday, while Doraemon watches them happily.


Nobita and his friends celebrating his birthday

After they finish preparing the food for future Nobita's birthday, the real Nobisuke, who looks precisely like Nobita, returns home,shocking the mother-son duo. Nobisuke claimed that Nobita is an alien and that he had planned to take over their house. As Nobisuke chases after Nobita, future Shizuka wonders if she ever met him somewhere before. Back outside, Nobita and Doraemon continue to run back to the public bathroom where the time machine is. When they arrive, the cubicle is occupied. They are beaten up by Nobisuke and returns to the present injured. Nobita's mother called that his friends have come while he was gone. He goes to the kitchen, and see his friends greet him Happy Birthday, then Shizuka apologizes for arriving late, and gives him a present. Suneo reveals that they arrive late because the "Cake got messed up", and Shizuka tells him to be quiet. Then, Nobita saw her bandage on her finger (just like future Shizuka), and she replied that it was nothing. Then, Doraemon and his friends celebrated Nobita's birthday, as the episode ends.


Even though he's lazy; he is also gentle, thoughtful, and I love them all.

— Shizuka Minamoto (Future), Talking To Present Nobita on Nobita's Bride 2005 (Remade)

That look; just like your father

— Shizuka Minamoto (Future), Touching Nobita's Short Nose on Nobita's Bride 2005 (Remade)

Happy Birthday, Nobita!

— Nobita's Friends, At the end of the episode


Gadgets used[]


  • Despite having a son's name similar to Suneo, the woman who appears in this episode may not be Suneo's wife as Suneo's son's name is Suneki, not Sunetaro. However, the episode in 2014 version seems to suggest that she's "indeed" Suneo's wife.
  • In this version, the episode occurred on Nobita's birthday as part of 8th August is Nobita's birth date.
  • This version also shows Nobita and Shizuka's wedding day as well as Nobisuke's birthday.
  • Dekisugi's wife, and Adult Nobita (photo) makes a cameo in this episode.
  • This version of this episode is a bit longer than the previous 2005 version.
  • There are other photos that never zoomed up when Nobita saw his future photo. Here are the list of the following:

    Nobita's future photos


  1. Nobita touching newborn Nobisuke
  2. Newborn Nobisuke in the floor
  3. Nobita and Shizuka hugging newborn Nobisuke
  4. Nobita driving a car


  1. Nobisuke giving a ride on Nobita
  2. Shizuka carrying Nobisuke
  3. Nobita carrying sleeping Nobisuke


  1. Future Nobita (Face View Only)


  1. Nobita carrying newborn Nobisuke
  2. Nobita grilling a fish

  • The day will turn into a disaster if future Nobita arrives home from work early, then saw present Nobita and Nobisuke fighting, he and his wife would go speechless and it will affect both present and future Nobita.
  • Future Nobita only mentioned and appeared as a cameo in this episode.
  • Despite Nobita wearing glasses and Nobisuke doesn't, Future Shizuka is still unable to identify her son and mistake Present Nobita as her son.
  • In both the 1979 and 2005 versions of this episode, when Shizuka spanks Nobita, shes spanks him on his bare butt, with his shorts and underwear pulled down. In this version, she spanks him over his shorts.

Song That Was Used In This Episode[]

- Nobita-kun Reiten (Instrumental)

- The Princess Next Door (Instrumental, Short Version)

- Happy ☆ Lucky Birthday(Short Version)