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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
The Night Before Nobita's Wedding
2005 anime series
The Woodcutter's Spring
Nobita's Confusing School Entrance Ceremony
Nobita no hachamecha nyūgakushiki
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date March 25, 2011
Season 7
Episode number 246
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Nobita's Confusing School Entrance Ceremony is an episode from the 2005 series. It is a television original. The episode focuses about how the friendship between Nobita and Gian was born.

The episode was to air on March 11, 2011 as the 244th episode of the 2005 anime. However, due to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, the episode was pulled out of the schedule to air live breaking news, and was rescheduled for March 25, 2011 as the 246th episode.


At the beginning of the story, Nobita just bought a new issue of comic, thinking that Gian is not near his home, but happens to meet Nobita when he enters the house, and Gian says that he and Nobita are under a certain big tree on the day of the entrance ceremony makes the agreement of "your stuff is mine, mine is mine" and snatchs the manga, and asks Nobita to come under the tree the next day, otherwise he will never return the manga. After returning to the room, Nobita cries to Doraemon why he has to encounter such a tragic thing every month. At this time, Doraemon sees the collection of elementary school essays for each year (grade 1 to grade 4) from the bookcase. So the two begin to look for clues about that incident from the composition collection. First turn to the part of Gian. On the day of the entrance ceremony of the first grade, because he oversleeps, he hurriedly puts away the alarm clock when he packs his things into the school bag. When we arrive in the auditorium to prepare for the entrance ceremony, everyone hears the bell. Gian sitting next to Suneo thought it is a fire breaks out and everyone runs to evacuate. After the teacher evacuates everyone, he sees an alarm clock in Gian's school bag in the classroom, but it turns out to be a false alarm. Then I turns to Tetsuya's part. Tetsuya's father helps him cuts his hair the day before the entrance ceremony, but he cuts it here and there until his hair is rotten. On the day of the entrance ceremony, Doru's hat is stained by the fece discharges by the pigeon, so she cannot forget the expression of the pigeon on her head at that time. Doraemon does not forget to remind Nobita about the big tree, so the two take "Time Machine" back to four years ago, it was the morning of the entrance ceremony of Nobita's Primary School. On the day of the entrance ceremony, Nobita was able to walk with his schoolbag on his back, but the clock in Nobita’s home was still because of a power outage (only 10 minutes before the entrance ceremony), so his father had to go to buy negative first, and his mother took Nobita to school. Nobita proposes to play a game of losing shoe, one of the shoe got stuck on the roof beam of Sensei's house, and his mother wanted to get the shoe back with Nobita on her back, Sensei opened the door to help them. When Nobita arrives at school to say hello to the teacher, the textbooks in the backpack fall and the students laugh at him. Fortunately, Shizuka came to help. When Nobita was about to sit down for the entrance ceremony, he suddenly had the urge to urinate and ran to the toilet. The following clip was the same as the alarm clock part above. When Nobita came back, he found that no one thought the entrance ceremony was over, so he walked out of the school crying. After Shizuka found that Nobita was not there, the teacher helped him find it. And Doraemon and modern Nobita (meaning myself in the fifth grade) also join the rank of missing persons. When Nobita walked to the branch road, he thought of throwing his shoes to decide the way home, but he threw them on the grass in the gardening shop. Nobita sneaked in and saw the shoes, but also met the wild dogs next to him. The schoolbag behind the dog happened to fall on the truck again. Nobita ran to chase it and lost a shoe at the same time. On the other hand, Doraemon uses "Strong Odor Tracking Nose"to find people. So he reminds the latter to return to school for class, and Gian also went out to look for him because he was worried about Nobita, but Shizuka told him that the entrance ceremony would be held in 30 minutes... At this time, the sky that had been shrouded in dark clouds and it was raining finally, and "Strong Odor Tracking Nose" can't be tracked because of the rain, so he use "Missing Person Stick" to find people. Doraemon says that the chance of finding people is 70%, and it's better than nothing. At this time, Nobita, a first-year student, fell into the river On the lawn next to the embankment, He cried because I couldn’t go home because I couldn’t go to class, but Gian came to find him. Nobita says that the backpack was still on the truck, and Gian chases the truck non-stop. Giving way to the old lady slowed down but was still driving. Finally, the truck braked and rebounded Nobita's schoolbag, which was picked up by Gian. Afterwards, Nobita thanked Gian under the cherry tree next to the river bank, and Gian responded that the story begins with the fact that he ran to talk to Nobita who is in the fifth grade at the beginning of the story. Shizuka and Suneo then rushed to the meeting and returned to the school participate in the entrance ceremony. Back to modern times, the next day, Nobita goes to the cherry blossom tree to fulfill the agreement with Gian. When Gian returnes the manga, he also takes away the present of the current manga. Nobita says that Gian should hurry up. Going back, at this time the camera turns to the cherry blossom tree that Nobita and Gian agrees upon.



Yours will be mine and mine will also be mine

— Nobita's Confusing School Entrance Ceremony, Takeshi Gouda (Past), giving promise to Nobita

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The Night Before Nobita's Wedding
2005 anime series
The Woodcutter's Spring