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Nobita's Mermaid Legend
Nobita Mermaid Legend
Release date March 5, 2010
Japanese title のび太の人魚伝説
English title Nobita's Mermaid Legend
Episode number 200
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Millionaire Nobita
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Nobita's Mermaid Legend is a special original episode from the 2005 series. It was released before the premier of Nobita's Great Battle of the Mermaid King.


To prove that Suneo is wrong and the Mermaids were true, Nobita and Doraemon went 100 years ago. Nobita turns himself into a merman, but he and Doraemon are attacked by a shark and end up on a boat. It turns out that the "mermaid" Johann saw was merman-Nobita himself; Even the "mermaid" it was mermaid-Michaela!


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