Nobita's Room is a vital part of the Doraemon series and this is the place where Nobita asks Doraemon for all those wonderful gadgets that we see throughout the anime.

Nobita and Sewashi

Sewashi Telling Nobita His Future In This Room


Nobita eats Copying Toast

Nobita's Room In Stand By Me

Doraemon and Sewashi got introduced to Nobita in this room and Doraemon also introduced his first gadget- Bamboo Copter- to Nobita in this room.

Doraemon eats Dorayaki and reads comic books here.

Nobita often studies here.

Sometimes Doraemon and friends gather in this room before going on an adventure!

Doraemon and Nobita also sleep in this room.

This room is also the place where Doraemon's time machine lies.


This room is sometimes scattered and that's why Nobita's mother often tells him to clean it up. It is a small room.

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