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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
The Night Before Nobita's Wedding
Nobita's the Night Before a Wedding 2005
Release date March 18, 2011
Japanese title のび太の結婚前夜
English title The Night Before Nobita's Wedding
Season number 7
Episode number 395
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The Night Before Nobita's Wedding is a special episode from the Doraemon 2005 anime.


This episode starts when Nobita is about to go home from groceries, he saw Shizuka and Dekisugi proposing at the vacant lot, which makes him disgusted and jealous, then the two laughed at him. The next scene reveals that Shizuka and Dekisugi are actually practicing their lines for the school play name "Snow White." Shizuka and Dekisugi play the role of the prince and the princess, while Nobita plays the role of a frog. Then, she reminds Nobita that Dekisugi didn't do anything wrong, then agrees nervously. Shizuka's father arrived, and Shizuka follows him. As soon as Nobita decides to follow Shizuka too, the crossing lights change, and Nobita waits a bit longer while watching Shizuka and her father leaves. As they were walking, Shizuka saw a beautiful wedding dress telling her father that she will marry her future prince one day, but her father says Shizuka that when the time comes, her father will be lonely and continues to walk back home. Nobita continues to follow them but stops at the same spot where Shizuka saw the wedding dress. He predicted that in the future, he would marry Shizuka. Then, he dreams Shizuka and Nobita at the altar, which he's on a lovestruck right now. As he continues to dream, Nobita's face changed to Dekisugi because of what happened he saw earlier at the vacant lot, which made him think that his future dramatically changed and screams Doraemon for help.


Back at the house, Doraemon is playing around with his favorite food, Dorayaki. As he is eating Dorayaki, Nobita suddenly arrived, which makes Doraemon chock on his unfinished food. He asks Doraemon if he will marry Shizuka in the future, but Doraemon continues to chock on his food, but Nobita keeps talking, and Doraemon successfully swallowed his food. Overheard what Nobita said to Doraemon, they both decided to go travel to the future and check out the day during Nobita's wedding, and Doraemon warns him that his future might change, and goes off. Doraemon and Nobita arrived at the Prince Melon Hotel, where Nobita's wedding takes place.


As for him and Nobita about to go inside, Nobita prays that his future remains the same, then runs towards the entrance. Doraemon saw the lists of names on the billboard, and checks, but it's not there. As Nobita is about to cry, Doraemon said that his name is not there, as Nobita continues to cry again and says, "Impossible! Impossible!" Then, the taxi arrived, they saw future Nobita in a tuxedo, runs in a hurry saying that he is late for the wedding. Present Nobita and Doraemon follow him and enter the door. Once they got inside the hotel, Nobita said where is future Nobita at, and they can see him that he's at the door still spinning around, then gets up and goes to the front desk. He asked the receptionists about Nobi Nobita and Shizuka Minamoto's wedding. She said the wedding isn't ready till tomorrow, then future


Nobita sighed in relief, fells on the floor, and leaves the hotel in a clumsy move. Doraemon tells the present Nobita even after he becomes an adult, and he's still going to be hopeless forever. Then, Nobita realized the wedding is happening tomorrow, and he questions Doraemon why did they arrive BEFORE the wedding. Doraemon apologized and said that he pressed the wrong time button on the time machine, which makes Nobita almost had a heart attack because of that. Then, they saw Shizuka's father, thinking that he went on the wrong schedule too. Nobita tries to ask him, but Doraemon replied that it's better not to interfere because it might affect his future, but Nobita doesn't listen to Doraemon's advice and goes off. Nobita tells Shizuka's father that the wedding is


tomorrow, but he doesn't recognize him because they were in the future, not in the present. Then, Nobita saw the photos of Shizuka with her parents when she was little. In the next scene, we can see Shizuka trying out her wedding dress while her mother is on the couch waiting for her. After the preparations are complete, Shizuka goes out of the room to show her wedding dress to her mother, and her mother is delighted. Shizuka asked her mother where her father is, and her mother replied that he isn't here, because of shyness, and Shizuka agrees softly. While Nobita and Doraemon continue to look at the photos of little Shizuka, Nobita saw future Shizuka in her wedding dress and goes on a full lovestruck again. Doraemon tells Nobita that it's the time to leave, so his future won't change, and Nobita bid farewell to Shizuka's father. Outside of the hotel, while the Minamoto family are walking back home, Shizuka's face change when she looks at her father like she's worried. Doraemon asks Nobita if he's satisfied, and Nobita replied "yes" in a delightful way. However, they can still hear/see future Nobita stuck in a trash can, hits the wall, and goes dizzy. Doraemon tells present Nobita that it's better to follow him, so they know what's going on. After leaving the hotel, Nobita wants to know where his parents live in the future, and Doraemon pointed out to him in that apartment.


As they arrived, he pulled out two Invisible Cape, so they won't get caught. Then, Nobita's mother shouted his name, thinking it was him, but Doraemon corrected him that she is referring to future Nobita. His mother goes disappointed that future Nobita forgot his wedding schedule, and saying that if he gets caught by his bride, Shizuka, she will not be pleased. As they were watching, they found that Nobita is still being scolded by his mother even up to this day. Nobita decides not to watch, saying incompetent to himself. Then, Nobita's father received a phone call from Goda (Which is Gian) telling about the bachelor's party tonight, and Nobita jumps and goes off. After leaving the building, he pulls out his watch saying that he promises to celebrate the night before the wedding at 5 PM, then present Nobita and Doraemon starts following him again. On the other side, Shizuka is looking for something that she lost while walking. I wonder what she is looking for at the bushes? The future Nobita meets with future Shizuka. Shizuka stated to him that her earring was lost, which was a gift from her father. Nobita volunteers to help her, but Shizuka reminds him of his party, and Nobita leaves while they continue to follow him. Once they arrived at Gian's house, his house didn't change it one bit. When they looked at the window, they can see Nobita, Suneo, and Gian inside talking about Gian's new karaoke announcement "Gian Samba Part 2". While they were watching, Gian and Suneo didn't also change in one bit, then future Dekisugi came late, telling them that the meeting was longer than it expected.


Doraemon exclaimed that he's awesome, but looks on Nobita, questioning about why Shizuka chose Nobita in the first place. All of Nobita's friends congratulate Nobita's wedding tomorrow, especially Gian, who is jealous. Next, they play around on his happy squishy face and start the bachelor's party. Hours passed by, Nobita and Doraemon look tired and sleepy. He asks Doraemon what time is it; he replied that it is 9 PM, and the party is still going on, then Nobita looks at the window again. They can see all four of them are drunk, and Gian shouted that he's about to sing, then Suneo spits out some sake out of his mouth, and tells Nobita to do something. Luckily, he decides to play his "frog" role one last time from the school play, when they were a kid, preventing Gian from singing. Then, Doraemon tells Nobita that it's time to go home, but Nobita tells him that they should also check on Shizuka. Doraemon replied that Shizuka might be crying about her decision to marry Nobita, which makes present Nobita worried, then he heard future Nobita doing his "frog" role, and flies off with Doraemon with embarrassment. After they arrived at Shizuka's house, Doraemon pulled out a Pass Loop, and the Invisible Cape too, and goes inside Shizuka's house. As they went inside to Shizuka's house, they passed the living room, next is the hallway, and enters the kitchen. When they entered,


they saw the table is clean, which means that Shizuka's farewell party is already over. Doraemon and Nobita keep quiet when they saw future Shizuka helping her mother doing the dishes, and her mother tells her that she'll do the rest. Before leaving the kitchen, Shizuka's mother tells her to get ready for the big event tomorrow, and also tells her not to forget to say good night to her father too, and Shizuka nodded. After Shizuka left the kitchen, her mother starts crying in tears. Back on Nobita and Doraemon, Nobita noticed that future Shizuka looks a bit down, and he thought she would be a little more excited about the wedding day tomorrow. Shizuka goes inside her father's room and said good night in a shameful way. Nobita noticed there's something wrong with her; he said that she should talk a little bit more, so Doraemon pulled out another gadget called, Truth Transmitter, which allows to reveal/force a person to tell the truth. So when they used it, Shizuka will reveal all the things that are on her mind, including her shyness, then Doraemon points it on Shizuka from a distance revealing the truth of her sadness. Due to the effect of the gadget, she runs back to her father's room and tells him to cancel her marriage, which surprised them Doraemon and Nobita


the most after revealing the truth, and the two of them goes back outside after almost getting caught by her father by making a fuss inside the room. Shizuka also reveals that she is been a spoiled and person back when she was a kid, and she never had any time to spend time with her family, but her father disagree her reasons. Shizuka's father remembers her childhood days (which is the Day When Shizuka's born, and so forth) and tells her that even though her father will be lonely, but those memories he kept will warm his soul, which makes her feel blessed. On the other side, Nobita thank his friends for the party, and goes off to find Shizuka's missing earring. Then, Shizuka asks her father if Nobita will run her life smoothly, and her father tells her to have faith in Nobita, and he believes that's she him chose him as her husband was the best decision. Overheard by her long talk with her father, the Nobita cried with joy, and the two goes back home to the present. Lastly, her father believes that Nobita will certainly make her happy, and Shizuka agrees. Back at Gian's house, Gian is already asleep, while Dekisugi and Suneo were looking on an album where some photos of their school play.


Suddenly, Gian wakes up, and Suneo tells him to be quiet and goes back to sleep again. However, Dekisugi reveals that the reason why Nobita stumbled in the middle of the performance because Shizuka forgot her line in the skit, then Suneo is stunned. Recalling at the school play, after Dekisugi said his line (just like from the beginning of the episode), Shizuka disremembered her line. Then Nobita starts to make frog noises and screwed up the skit. From the past until now, Nobita understood Shizuka the most. While Shizuka is getting ready to go to bed, he heard noises (like rocks) coming from the balcony and


opens the door which is future Nobita (covered in dirt) and tells Shizuka to catch the handkerchief. When she opened it, it was revealed that future Nobita found the missing right earring that she lost it earlier. As she grips her lost earring, she walks closer to Nobita, and future Nobita shouted that he promised that he would make Shizuka happy, which makes her captivated, and thank him with gratitude. As they stare at each other with happiness, the scene goes up to the starry night sky and crossfades back to the present day. At the same time, present Nobita said the exact same line crying (possibly overheard future Nobita, while flying back home), when Doraemon tries to stop him, while Shizuka had no idea what's going on, ending the episode. In the future episodes, Nobita marries Shizuka.


Gadgets Used[]


I promise, I promise! I will definitely make you happy!

— Nobi Nobita, The Night Before Nobita's Wedding

Living with Nobita will make my life smoother?

— Shizuka Minamoto, The Night Before Nobita's Wedding


  • It's still remains a mystery why Doraemon left Nobita in the future, either Doraemon succeed his mission to make Nobita's life happy or Nobita can handle his own now without his help.
  • When Nobita prays, he says this in order: God, Fortune, Thunder of God (Maybe Bad Fortune) in Japanese.
  • Even up to this day, future Nobita is still afraid of dogs.
  • This story was later adaptation in STAND BY ME DORAEMON


  • In the Korean version, there are some scenes that was censored for no reason. Here are the following scenes that was cut:
  1. Doraemon showing the Truth Transmitter on screen.
  2. Shizuka telling her father to cancel the wedding after using the Truth Transmitter.
  3. Shizuka's father is at the hospital waiting for newborn Shizuka to come, including when Shizuka was little and graduated high school.
  4. Shizuka and her father's long talk was also cut, including when Young Adult Nobita is outside ready to find her missing earring
  5. Future Suneo and Dekisugi looking at the albums when they were little and remembers what happened during the play.

Names in Other Languages[]

Language Title Meaning
English The Night Before Nobita's Wedding The Night Before Nobita's Wedding
Chinese 大雄的结婚前夜 Nobita's Evening Wedding
Indonesian Malam Sebelum Pernikahan Nobita The Night Before Nobita's Wedding
Korean 진구의 결혼 전야 Nobita's Evening Wedding