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Nobita appears in all the episodes, chapters and feature films as he is a protagonist and main character.

But, in 2112: The Birth of Doraemon, he is not seen until the ending.

His future self also made some appearances:

1979 (Original) Anime[]

  • I'm Gonna Become A Fine Dad! (Only appearance)

1979 (Remade) Anime[]

  • Home-Eco Apron
  • Time Skipping Pulley
  • Time Capsule

2005 (Original) Anime[]

  • Winning Back Shizuka-chan Part 2
  • I'm Gonna Become A Fine Dad!
  • Nobisuke Runs Away From Home!
  • Shizuka's Present Is Nobita!
  • Nobita's 100 Points - A Major Incident 25 Years Later
  • My Birthday's The Same As Always

2005 (2018) Anime[]