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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.

Nobita is a Dictator?! (のび太は独裁者?! Nobita wa Dokusaisha?!) is an episode from the 1979 anime series.


It is spring time. The Giants are playing a baseball match, and lose to the opponent team 2-18. Disappointed with Nobita for losing the match, Gian punishes Nobita to 20 strokes of the baseball bat. Complaining to Doraemon, Nobita wishes Gian had never existed, so Doraemon lends him the Dictator Switch, which makes people, even animals such as flies, disappear. It is created by a powerful dictator from the future who once ruled the whole world, and anyone who opposed him were erased off from existence. Doraemon dares Nobita to use it with caution.

Walking outside, Nobita was hit by Gian with a baseball bat for four times/ Nobita trips over a rock and falls, and, faced with danger, erases Gian from existence. Guilt-stricken, he meets Shizuka, who has no recollection of Gian. They find Sensei and Mrs. Gouda, who also do not remember Gian existed. In a world without Gian, however, Suneo becomes the team captain, but proves to be just as bad as Gian was, forcing Nobita to erase him. Nobita threatens the three outfielders, one of which is now the team captain, as well as Tamako, their revovval if they continue to pester him.

Doraemon learns that Nobita had used the Dictator Switch to erase two people, and persuades him to forget the both of them. After Doraemon left the room, Nobita could not decide as to whether he should use the switch. Taking a nap, he dreams of everyone betraying him, including Doraemon. Flying into a rage, he used the switch to remove everyone.

Going out from home, Nobita looks around town for anyone, but he neither could find them, nor is welcomed inside their houses. Flying out, he is startled to find out he made everyone in the whole town disappear. Ending up on his house's rooftop, he realized that, being the only one left in the whole world, it now belongs to him.

Nobita begins to take mangas and games from the shops and plays them at home. He then has dinner from the food he has taken from the supermarket. Nobita begins to feel bored from relaxing, and just as he begins to sleep, the electricity supply cuts (since the unseen maintenance workers were gone) and he is left alone in the dark. Climbing out of his room, he remembers the times when everyone used to laugh at him, and wants anyone to come out right before him. Doraemon appears and reveals that he hid all the time, and he possessed immunity to the switch. He then informs Nobita that he gave the switch to teach him a lesson about people and undoes the switch's effects by pressing it twice, causing all the removed people to be restored.


Gadgets used[]


  • In this version, almost all the music in this episode is dark. From the scene when Gian yells at the Giants all the way to the scene where Nobita is marching along the street, all the background music was suspenseful or sad, which is a span of nearly 15 minutes. The usual music after Doraemon pulls out a gadget is replaced with a haunting theme as well, one of the few times in the entire series.
  • The amount of points lost by Nobita is debatable - He in reality lost 15, even though Gian said 20.