Nobita the Leaf Detective

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Japanese 葉っぱ探偵のび太
Rōmaji Happa tantei Nobita
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Episode from anime 2005 anime
Release date November 10, 2017
Season 13
Episode number 501a
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Nobita the Leaf Detective (葉っぱ探偵のび太 Happa tantei Nobita) is an episode from the Doraemon 2005 anime.

When Doraemon is accused of three separate crimes, it's now up to Nobita to find out the truth before Doraemon is forced to face the injustice for the crimes he didn't commit!


At the open lot, the gang discuss about three incidents that recently occured: Gian's concert outfit was torn by someone, Shizuka's bird Peeko's cage was knocked down from the ceiling, and Suneo's luxurious Dorayakis were partly eaten. As Doraemon is the only one in the area who loves Dorayaki, he becomes the primary suspect, something that Nobita and Shizuka are unwilling to believe. Nobita then purposes to clear Doraemon's name which Gian and Suneo agree. However, Nobita will share the punishment with Doraemon if he failed to do so.


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30sec 500PR jizen

30sec 500PR jizen

Teaser for "Feudal Lord of the 21st Century" and "Nobita the Leaf Detective"

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