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Nobita Niyan, the Silver Knight (ノビタニヤン) is the dream world counterpart of Nobita and appears in Nobita and the Fantastic Three Musketeers.


Nobita Niyan becomes the Silver Knight after defeating Sunemesu and Giantosu in a race to achieve the armor of The Silver Knight from the Tree of Yorabatai. They had laughed at him for having no armor earlier in the movie and now he had the best armor. The tables had turned.

He has to defeat Odorome and he teams up with Shizukaria, Sunemesu, Doramon and Giantosu in order to do so. He befriends the Dragon who lets them bath in his sweat for a second life which helps them in the final battle against Odorome.

They finally defeat him after their Final Battle, thanks to the unity of Nobitania and Shizurania and both of them live a happy life ever after.