ほんと、 いい正月だうひひ。

Honestly, it is a good New Year.

— Nobizaemon Nobi, Doraemon (manga)

Nobizaemon Nobi (野比 のび左エ門(のび のびざえもん)) is a character who appears in the episode The Secret Treasure of Nobizaemon. He is the father of Nobisaku Nobi.


His appearance is very similar to that of Nobisuke Nobi with exception his hairstyle, both in the anime and in the manga. In the manga, its height is low.


He is very hardworking, positive and friendly, but does not trust strangers.


Nobisaku Nobi

I'm Nobisaku, infact I'm Nobizaemon's son...
— Nobisaku Nobi, Manga
The relationship between him and Nobizaemon is similar to that of Nobita and Nobisuke, since he is very good to him.

Nobita Nobi

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