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Noramyako (ノラミャー子) was Doraemon's first love interest.

Mostly a background character, Noramyako was a significant influence to Doraemon prior to his arrival in the past.


Noramyako's original design in the manga resembles her current appearance in the 2005 anime, where she is taller than Doraemon and has a longer face. Her tail has an attached tulip.

During the early 1979 anime, Noramyako made a couple of appearances in the ending bumpers, retaining her original manga design. She also had this design in her minor appearance in Surprised All Encyclopedia: Doraemon and Dorami-chan.

Noramyako got her first major redesign in 1980, in the episode Doraemon's Girlfriend. She resembled Doraemon's model type a lot more, being short and round and having close together eyes. Her tail is also the same as Doraemon's. She is shown to be shorter than Doraemon, unlike her other appearances, where she is usually taller.

In the 1995 short film 2112: The Birth of Doraemon, Noramyako has been overhauled. She now has a more humanoid appearance with more resemblance to a typical cat. She had kept this redesign up until the anime's reboot, with her design from this time being used in a few other short films, manga, and live show performances.

In April of 1995, the game The Doraemons: Legendary Friendship released. Noramyako made a small appearance during a cutscene of Doraemon describing his backstory, and she was once again redesigned. She looks similar to her appearance in 2112: The Birth of Doraemon, though she is somewhat smaller with a different shaped face and round eyes. She also has a flower under one of her ears. She is only shown from the waist up, so it is unsure if she has a 4D pocket or what her tail looks like.

In the 2005 anime series, Noramyako is redesigned once again, this time similar to her original manga design. She is tall with a longer face, but her face in this redesign resembles Dorami's. Her tail is a red tulip, however, on the official TV Asahi website, as well as her cameo in the 2019 episode Look at Doraemon! His Secret, it is changed to light blue.

During the 2005 anime's first opening sequence, Noramyako is shown laughing at Doraemon, though she is colored yellow.


Noramyako's original manga design.

Noramyako used to be Doraemon's love interest until she dumped him due to his ears being munched off by rats.

Noramyako in The Forgetting Flower.

Noramyako appeared in the ending bumpers of the episodes The Forgetting Flower and Advertising in Mirrors. She is shown to be teasing with Doraemon's affection.

Noramyako's redesign.

Noramyako made her first major appearance in the episode "Doraemon's Girlfriend".

Nobita was looking through Doraemon's photo album after seizing it from him and comes across a picture of him with her. Doraemon explained that they used to be in a relationship until rats ate his ears, much to her amusement. Nobita encourages Doraemon to meet up with her in the future again, certain that she would be sorry after all these years.

Upon arriving in the future, Nobita and Doraemon talk to Sewashi, who directs them to a human girl she is living with. However, they discover that Noramyako was defunct due to being an outmode. Devastated, Doraemon runs off, but Nobita drags the wrecked Noramyako with him and finds Doraemon again. He insists that the two of them could repair her.

The robot factory, while helpless, suggests using old parts. Doraemon and Nobita work until sundown and were successful. However, upon reactivating her, they discover that the parts inadvertently wiped her memory. Normyako then laughs at Doraemon's bald head again (somewhat to his relief) and returns home..

Noramyako rescuing Doraemon

In this remake, Noramyako's role is expanded greatly and she now appears more humanoid while also bearing more resemblance to a real cat. She is now a proficient ballet dancer.

She appears early in the film, saving Doraemon from an incinerator, and he becomes infatuated with her. Although they were separated soon, she reunites with him later when the principal sends him to a specialized class. Their relationship presumably blossomed, and she would eventually influence his taste in Dorayaki.

During the Robot Audition, Noramyako performed a ballet dance, appealing to many of the audience. She also dances with Doraemon at the conclusion of his presentation during the celebration.

Later, Noramyako visits Doraemon at the hospital, but upon seeing him bald, she laughs uncontrollably, much to his dismay, and their relationship soured. She ended up with a dislocated jaw as a consequence. After being informed by Dorami, Noramyako accompanies her and meets up with him soon after he rescues Sewashi. She apologizes to him for her rude attitude earlier on, praises his new appearance, and they embrace.

Noramyako later showed up at Christmas making cakes with Dorami.

Noramyako in the manga.

Apart from Noramyako, however, Doraemon didn't have any friends and was a bit desperate for one. In The Doraemons manga, Jairobo and Sunerobo took advantage of this and forced Doraemon to steal snacks and sweets from an elderly female shopkeeper. With Noramyako's intervention, she was able to save him from the shopkeeper's wrath. At the Sky Playground, Noramyako brought up a topic about the legendary "Telepathy Friendship Card" that allows the wielder to form real friendships, but the friends must be in hardship together to be able to use it.

After a day, Jirobot and Sunerobot apologize to Doraemon and they decided to go and find the Telepathy Friendship Card, where both of them are being imprisoned away by the temple's security system. Dora the Kid, Wang Dora, Doramed III, Doranichov, Dorarinho and El Matadora decide to join forces with him to rescue the robots while Noramyako waited for them, however, she was captured by two Rat Robots and held a hostage for the Telepathy Friendship Card. With a trick set by Doraemon and Kid (and with little help from Doramed III), they were able to overpower the villains, rescue Jairobot and Sunerobot, and become real friends.

Noramyako in Doraemon's classmate list.

Noramyako made her last major appearance in 2007, in the episode The Day Doraemon is Reborn.

In this specific iteration, she did not mock Doraemon for the loss of his ears, and instead reacts with terror. Her screen time was much shorter, and their relationship was not elaborated on. She works as an actress for a small theater crew.

She was first seen attending the robot class reunion where she briefly spots Doraemon.

Later on, informed by Sewashi, Nobita and his friend locate her crew and she offers to help once her performance is done. She then meets up with Pawaemon and joins the others in their rescue efforts, correctly determine the factory manager as the true culprit behind Doraemon's disappearance. She helps the team to leave the stuck elevator in the facility and when the mechanical crab devours her and Shizuka, she managed to pry open the machine, allowing them to escape.

Noramyako makes a cameo in the crowd during the anime's 30th anniversary countdown event. She also makes a cameo during the 2019 episode "Look at Doraemon! His Secret", in a small gag about Doraemon's numerous love interests over the years.


  • Noramyako is a constantly retconned character with multiple changes in her history.
    • She has undergone at least 5 different redesigns.
    • Her history with Doraemon varied in almost every iteration, the only constant aspect being their relationship souring after she laughed at Doraemon's loss of his ears.
  • She is referred to as "Myako" by one of her colleagues in The Day Doraemon is Reborn.
  • Her love of Dorayaki may have influenced Doraemon himself.
  • Originally, Dorami was the character slated to be Doraemon's love interest, but when her role was changed, Noramyako was created to fill in the gap.