Noramyako (ノラミャー子) was Doraemon's first girlfriend. She played a very prominent role in Doraemon's life before he went back to 20th century in the 1979 anime/21st century in the 2005 anime.

Noramyako is voiced by Yuko Yamakuchi in the 1995 movie and Ai Nonaka in the 2005 anime series.


In 1995 movie, Noramyako was tall pink cat, taller than her current version also appeared very differently than her current design.

In 2005 anime series, Noramyako is redrawn with similarities like Doraemon and Dorami, however, she's little taller than Doraemon and Dorami.


Noramyako used to be Doraemon's girlfriend, but she broke up with him after his ears were eaten by mice, and Sewashi's family couldn't afford replacements.


Noramyako saved Doraemon's life

In this remake, Noramyako's role is expanded greatly and her appearance is changed. Noramyako saved Doraemon from falling into a blast furnace, and Doraemon had fallen in love with her since then. Later, Doraemon enrolled at the Robot School, but due to him losing an important screw, his performance was malfunctioning. As a result, he was transferred to a Robot Class where he was once again reunited with Noramyako. It's presumed that they started dating after this event.

Apart from Noramyako, however, Doraemon didn't have any friends and was a bit desperate for one. Jairobo and Sunerobo took advantage of this and forced Doraemon to steal snacks and sweets from an elderly female shopkeeper. With Noramyako's intervention, she was able to save him from the shopkeeper's wrath. At the Sky Playground, Noramyako brought up a topic about the legendary "Telepathy Friendship Card" that allow the wielder to form real friendships, but the friends must be in hardship together to be able to use it.

After a day, Jirobot and Sunerobot said sorry to Doraemon and they decided to go and find the Telepathy Friendship Card, where both of them are being imprisoned away by the temple's security system. Dora the Kid, Wandora, Doramed III, Doranichov, Dorarinho and El Matadora decide to join forces with him to rescue the robots while Noramyako waited for them, however, she was captured by two Rat Robots and held a hostage for the Telepathy Friendship Card. With a trick set by Doraemon and Kid (and with little help from Doramed III), they were able to overpower the villains, rescue Jairobot and Sunerobot, and become real friends.

During Graduation Day, Noramyako performed a ballet dance and was applauded by many. It's presumed that she would later became a ballet dancer.

When she heard that Doraemon was in the hospital for surgery, she went to visit him only to witness him with his ears removed, thanks to the surgical machine malfunctioned. She unintentionally laughed at him, causing Doraemon to become depressed and led to chain of events that turned his color blue. After Dorami told her about what happened, she regretted what she had done and asked for his forgiveness. (Also she tells Doraemon her jaw bone is sick because she laughed at him for too long.) Luckily for her, Doraemon forgave her. The school principal gave Doraemon a new 4-D pocket during Sewashi's Christmas party as a present in place of the old one that he had lost.

At the end, they decided to part ways, as they were going to live in different time periods with Doraemon going back to the past. Noramyako continued on to become a successful ballerina.



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