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Noriko ohara

Noriko Ohara (小原 乃梨子, Ohara Noriko), (born October 2, 1935, Tokyo Prefecture) is a veteran seiyū from Tokyo. Her real name is Noriko Tobe (戸部 法子, Tobe Noriko). She was the original voice of Nobita Nobi in the TV Asahi anime, as well as the voice of Nobisuke. She was replaced by Megumi Ohara (Nobita) and Yoshiko Kamei (Nobisuke) after the 2005 cast change. She also voiced Nobita's Mom in the NTV anime.

Characters Voiced[]

1973 Anime[]

1979 Anime[]

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  • She is one of only few 1973 Doraemon voice cast are worked in 1979 Anime.
  • She is the mother of the animator, Atsuo Tobe.