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Nostradamus is the main antagonist in The Doraemons.


20,000 years ago, Nostradamus came to the Kingdom of Atlantis and foretold its destruction. With the curse of red eyes, he controlled the people of Atlantis, caused the gods to be filled with rage and sink the kingdom into the ocean's depth. Nostradamus however, declared that he will never die, and he will return in the July of year 1999 to carry out his goal: destroying the world and becoming its new ruler. The Time Priestess, knew of his intention, fought against Nostradamus but he managed to overpower her, erased her memory, and possessed her doll in order to carry out his ambition.

Nostradamus first traveled to Santa Maria Ship to prevent Christopher Columbus from discovering America by manipulating the crew with the curse. By cursing one of the crow with his power, the curse multiplied and soon all the crew including Columbus were inflicted. Due to his action, America was never discovered and all but Doraemon, Nobita and Kid loses their memory and knowledge of the land. When Doraemon and the gang comes to the past to restore America, Nostradamus has the crews kidnap Nobita as bait and kill the rest, causing the gang to discover the Time Priestess hidden in the ship's cabin. He then orders the crews to sabotage their own ship in an attempt to kill all abroad. In confusion, the gang manages to discorver that by having the crew looking in their own reflection in mirror, the curse will be negated. Noticing this, Nostradamus subconciously force the Time Priestess to destroy the mirror but is stopped by Kid. With America founded and the crew cured from the curse, the gang restores the ship and departs from the time, but they still wonder about the Time Priestess's Identity and the truth of Red Eye Curse.

Nostradamus then targets the Kingdom of Inca next as he knew that Prince Eldo, the last monarch of Inca has access to the legendary spell that can seal away his power as the prince is descended from Atlantis. To do so he again manipulated the Time Priestess to inflict the curse upon the entire Spanish Army in order to capture and kill the prince.

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