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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Now-Now Stick
Release date June 24, 2005
Japanese title まあまあ棒
English title Now-Now Stick
Episode number 11b
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Now-Now Stick is an episode from the Doraemon 2005 anime. This episode is called Calm Down, Big G! in the U.S. English version/dub.


Unable to tolerate after having another bad day, Nobita laments near Doraemon, claiming that everyone is finding fault at him. Doraemon decides to help him by bringing out a gadget, Ma Ma Bou, which has the ability to calm down an angry person. Doraemon demonstrates this by using it on Tamako, who is furious that Nobita complained about her for earlier. Doraemon attaches the gadget on Tamako's mouth and chants "Ma, Ma", who calms down and forgets what she was angry for.

Nobita goes outside, Ma Ma Bou in his hand, and is unsure if it will work. He escapes when an angry Gian approaches him, and attaches the stick to Gian's mouth, who leaves him alone. Nobita follows behind Gian, and decides to help the other classmates from getting bullied by Gian with the stick. Nobita sees Shizuka watering the plants, and brings her to watch him use the stick on Gian, who walks away after going towards Suneo. Unfortunately, Suneo snatches the stick from Nobita and calms him down, and he proceeds to use it on Gian multiple times.

Doraemon is startled when he finds out someone stole the stick from Nobita, and explains that the gadget does not exactly flees the target's anger; instead, it hides that inside their body which escalates into a volcanic eruption if it is used too many times. Hearing this, Nobita gets frightened, and they rush to outside to find Gian.

Nobita and Doraemon find Gian already turned into a volcano ready to erupt and, trembling, try to cool him down on the pretext of inviting him to put up a performance at the open lot. Doraemon however, gets worried and suggests if Gian sings, his anger may explode. Doraemon panickly begins to take out gadgets from his pocket. Suneo passes by and finds Gian, and makes an insulting remark on him. Nobita and Doraemon try to escape, and Gian explodes right in front of Suneo, leaving a giant crater in the open lot, the Ma Ma Bou to be damaged, Suneo to be paralyzed and Gian himself stunned.


Gadgets used[]


  • In Hindi this episode is called Suniyo! Ye kya kiya? meaning 'Suneo! What have you done?'
  • Oddly enough, Doraemon called the Translation Konyaku a bath sponge in the Turkish dub.
  • This is the first episode in the 2005 anime to have Doraemon taking out all the gadgets from his pocket out of panic.


[Shizuka is watering the plants at her house. Gian and a snickering Nobita pass by outside, and the latter notices Shizuka]
Nobita: Shizuka-chan!
Shizuka: Huh? [turns to Nobita] Nobita-san!
Nobita: I have something fun to show you. Follow me!
Shizuka: What's that something that is fun?
Nobita: I want to show you how an enraged Gian can calm down easily in the blink of an eye!
[Shizuka expresses surprise. A moment later, Nobita and Shizuka are walking behind Gian along the street. Offscreen, Suneo's voice can be heard]
Shizuka: Can you not do that? That would be dangerous.
Nobita: Rest assured, it'll be fine!
[Gian goes to Suneo and points at him]
Gian: Yo, Suneo, let me tell you, I find your expression an eyesore.
Suneo: That's beyond my control! My eyes were born like this!
[Nobita and Shizuka hide behind a pole. Nobita proceeds to use the Ma Ma Bou on Gian]
Nobita: Watch me!
Gian: [grabbing Suneo closer to him by his shirt] Stop being long-winded and tell me your opinions!
Suneo: [scared] No!
[Nobita attaches the stick on Gian's mouth]
Nobita: Ma, Ma, Ma!
[Nobita removes the stick, and Gian is puzzled. He lets Suneo go and walks away]
Gian: What happened?
[Suneo watches Gian leave with surprise. He turns to Nobita]
Suneo: Wow... Miraculous! Just like an animal tamer!
Shizuka: [walking to Nobita] Nobita-san, that was marvelous! It's just like a blink of an eye!
Nobita: [smitten] Don't mention it. It's nothing, actually.
[Suneo becomes greedy and snatches the Ma Ma Bou from Nobita, who panickly tries to take it back from him]
Suneo: That was fun! Lend it to me!
Nobita: That cannot be lent! Serious...
[Suneo attaches the stick on Nobita's mouth]
Suneo: Ma, Ma, Ma! [removes the stick]
Nobita: What happened? [walks away]
Suneo: [giggling] That's great! I had wanted it for the longest time!
[Suneo happily leaps away in the opposite direction. Shizuka is left in the scene, watching Suneo and Nobita leave, and breaks the fourth wall - Who should she follow?]