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The Convenience Purse or Obtaining Bag is a gadget of Doraemon. It is one of the few famous recurring gadgets.

Function and Features[]

Doraemon get Shizuka

Doraemon trying to get Shizuka from the bag.

Think of a item and the user will be able to get it from the purse such as the Anywhere Door and food.

The items pulled out from it can 'distort' similar to how Doraemon pull out most large gadget from the 3D Pocket. Thus, it may be used to take a plethora of item with wide range of sizes.

However, is something doesn't exist or not allowed to get, the gadget electrifies the user. In a episode, Doraemon tries to get Shizuka through the bag but fails because Shizuka is taking a bath at that time.

Appears in[]


  • In Stand by Me Doraemon's English dub, the gadget is called, "The Special Order Bag"
  • In Doraemon Gadget Rush, this gadget is called the, "Bring-It Bag" and is a power-up, which adds a 20% score to your game.