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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Pair Finding Leash
Doraemon Pair Finding Leash
Release date January 13, 2017
Japanese title かたっぽ探知リード
English title Pair Finding Leash
Season number 13
Episode number 468B
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Pair Finding Leash is an episode from the Doraemon (2005 series).


Nobita always loses his socks and gloves. So, Doraemon take out Pair Finding Leash. If you attach this lead to the person at hand, it will find the other one that you lost. Nobita put the leash on the glove to find the glove, and finally, Nobita and the others meet Gian and Suneo. and Gian thinks that Nobita is walking with gloves. Nobita finally finds an open lot, but sees the puppy holding another glove. Only then does Nobita understand that the glove is taken away by the puppy. After that, Gian takes out his stinky sock for help, and asks Nobita to help find the other stinky sock that is lost. After finding it, Nobita and the others realize that Gian's other stinky sock is in the trash can at Gian's house. Unexpectedly, Gian wears socks, causing all members of Gian team to be smoked. After that, Nobita decidesto use gadget to help others. He helps the chairman find the hammer of the xylophone, helps others find the other half of the ancient painting, helped Kaminari find the lost clog, and helps Shizuka find another toy for her teddy bear and give it back to some kid. However, until the end, Nobita is urged by Doraemon to find socks with gadget.