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Parallel World Gian (あべこべのジャイアン) is a character making her debut appearance in the episode Parallel Star and its remake, Parallel Planet, in which Nobita and Doraemon go to the Earth in a parallel universe. Her normal counterpart is Takeshi Gouda.



Parallel World Gian looks like her normal counterpart in body frame. In the 1973 anime, she had a red shirt but had a cyan pleated skirt. In the 2005 remake, she has a light yellow shirt and orange overalls with a red ribbon around the middle.


Parallel World Gian is a cowardly lion. She is strong, but is a wimp, making her unreliable. She is, however, very great at singing, which proved helpful in her concerts.



  • Similar to most parallel characters being the polar opposite of their original counterparts:
    • This specific Gian sings very well and doesn't have the horrendous voice of the regular Gian.
    • Since the real Gian cooks horribly, it is implied that she also possesses great culinary skills.