Parallel World Shizuka (あべこべのしずか Abekobe no Shizuka (Shizuka of the opposite)) is a character that appeared in the episode Parallel Star and its remake, Parallel Planet, in which Nobita and Doraemon go to the Earth in parallel universe. This alien entity is a parallel to Shizuka Minamoto.



Parallel World Shizuka character has similarity with Shizuka with only exception. He wears short pants. His appearance in the 2005 anime shows him with a red shirt, cyan jacket, and grey shorts, with yellow shoes, but his hair is still unchanged.


As can be expected with Shizuka's kind personality and how the Parallel World is supposed to be almost completely, if not completely, the opposite of the original, Parallel World Shizuka is very rude.


Names in other languages

  • Español: Sizuque (fifth declension masculine noun; genitive Sizuqueyus)
  • Portugués Sizuco (irregular declension masculine noun)
    • Genitive: Sizucús
    • Dative: Sizoque
    • Accusative: Sizocum
    • Ablative: Sizocud
  • Italiano: Sizuca (irregular masculine noun; neuter-patterned declension)
    • Genitive: Sizucatos
    • Dative: Sizucati
    • Accusative: Sizuca
    • Ablative: Sizucate
  • Français: Mwo (from Korean Mwo (what))


  • Shizuka is girlish while Parallel World Shizuka is boyish.
  • Shizuka uses "watashi" while Parallel World Shizuka uses "boku".
  • She may have the same future as the real world Shizuka.
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