Parallel World Suneo (あべこべのスネ夫 (Opposite Sneech)) is a character making her debut in the episode Parallel Star and its remake, Parallel Planet, in which Nobita and Doraemon go to the Earth in parallel universe. She is the counterpart to Suneo Honekawa. The character's father and mother are modeled after Mrs. Honekawa and Mr. Honekawa, respectively.



Parallel World Suneo has a light yellow shirt and what seems to be purple dungarees. A teaser for the 2005 anime shows her with a purple dress, however.




  • Suneo does cool poses while Parallel World Suneo does girly poses.

Names in other languages

  • Español: Suneos
    • Genitive: Suneorus
  • Portugués: Suneos
    • Genitive: Suneoros
  • Italiano: Suneona
    • Genitive: Suneones
  • Asturianu: Suneos (Suneo is still called "Suneo" with his name being fourth declension (Genitive Suneús) to avoid confusion.)
    • Genitive: Sunéois
  • Français: Sneeche Parallelle (genderswap of "Parallel Sneech")
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