The Pass Loop (通り抜けフープ, Tōrinuke Fūpu) is a loop used when user needs to pass from a solid object such as a wall. It is similar in its function to a Magic Zip.


User places the loop to wall and passes through the loop.

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  • This gadget basically mimics Portable Holes that appear in Western media.
  • It won't work if a gadget that makes a labyrinth used. The gadget also cannot be used to get into the room that is using "Room Security Set", the gadget will shock anyone wants to pass the loop. The Dokodemo Door and Magic Zip backfire similarly.
  • The gadget's Portuguese name literally means "Ring from Passage".
  • This gadget appears in one of the minigames in Doraemon Wii: Secret Tool King Tournament, namely Torinuke Fūpu.
  • These gadgets tend to be pink, though their colour is relatively inconsistent. The aforementioned Doraemon Wii: Secret Tool King Tournament minigame Torinuke Fūpu has golden Pass Loops, whereas in the anime Pass Loops have pink colouration.

Names in other Languages

  • Español: Torenquefupus (From the Japanese name.)
    • Genitive: Torenquefupús
    • Dative: Torenquefúpui
    • Ablative: Torenquefúpud
  • Portugués: Anel de Passagem (This literally means "Ring from Passage". The proper name would be "Anel Passagemis" (Passagem means "passage".).)
    • Genitive: Anelis de Passagem (Proper: Anelis Passagemis)
    • Dative: Aneli de Passagem (Proper: Aneli Passagemis)
    • Accusative: Anelom de Passagem (Proper: Anelom Passagemis)
    • Ablative: Anelod de Passagem (Proper: Anelod Passagemis)
  • Asturianu: Torenquefupu (From the Japanese name.)
    • Genitive: Torenquefupús
  • Gallego: Torenquefupu
    • Genitive: Torenquefúpois/Torenquefupús
    • Dative: Torenquefúpoi/Torenquefúpui
    • Accusative: Torenquefupon
    • Ablative: Torenquefúpod/Torenquefúpud


Portable Holes

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