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Noby, the Great Illusionist
Release date July 10, 2014
Japanese title 怪盗のび太参上!
English title Noby, the Great Illusionist
Kaito Nobita Calling On! (original title)
Season number One
Episode number Seven
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Noby, the Great Illusionist (originally titled Phantom Thief Nobita Calling On!) is an episode from the U.S. English version/dub of the Doraemon 2005 anime.


Sneech, using his cunning skills, tricks Noby into trading his card with Sneech's less well one. As Noby desires to get it back, Doraemon brings out Great Illusionist Gear, a set of gadgets which could aid user for stealing objects. With Doraemon's help and the usage of Great Illusionist Gear, Noby successfully gains back not just his card from Sneech but also his comic book from Big G.


Gadgets used[]

U.S. English dub edits[]

  • Phantom Thief is changed to illusionist.