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Prophecy: The End of the Earth/Original
Prophecy • The End of the Earth
Release date February 17, 2017
Japanese title 大予言・地球の滅びる日
English title Prophecy: The End of the Earth
Episode number 473B
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Prophecy: The End of the Earth (大予言・地球の滅びる日) is an episode from Doraemon (2005 series).


Although it is still in the afternoon, the sky is very dark. Doraemon is about to go on an outing with Mii-chan. Nobita wishes him a smooth journey at the door. Later, he is very worried about whether it will rain and used "Time Machine" to find a better time. Nobita is about to use "Time Machine", but he disappears. He thinks Doraemon has run first.

When Nobita returns to the room, he sees a strange book, on which he wrote many strange words that he cannot understand, such as: "cards and bags are cold and empty", "ghosts have taken out"/"card takers are young and lost", "play eight" and so on. He wrote as many as 200 pages, and then left blank.

Nobita feels very strange, so he takes it to the empty lot for everyone to see. Everyone also thinks it is strange. Gian and Shizuka think it might be a "The Book of Bedtime Talk" or a "Secret Language Textbook". The young man looks grave. He thinks that Doraemon cannot have such useless things, and says, "I have seen similar... terrible things...", but he walks home without remembering it for a moment.

Nobita goes back with his book and decides to wait for Doraemon to ask again. He finds that his mother has to turn on the light to read the newspaper. He returns to his room and finds that it is only three o'clock in the afternoon. At this time, Suneo suddenly comes to Nobita in a hurry and says that he remembers it. It is Nostradam's prophecy book (here he should refer to the prophecy collection "The Hundred Poems" written in quatrains), which introduces that he is a famous prophet in the 16th century, predicts many major events, and says that the end of the 20th century will be the end of the world.

Nobita doesn't believe it at first, but Suneo brings last year's news clipping for comparison. He first asks him to casually turn to page 39 and see "Orangutan snatches mechanical bird from fox". Results according to the number of days, from January 1 to the 39th, and read the news to find the corresponding February 8, it is found that there is a hijacking on that day, and the hijacker looked like an orangutan, and the captain looked like a fox. Then I turned to the newspaper clipping on June 21. There is an accident that the bus falls into the river that day. As a result, he turns to page 172 of the book and finds: "Bear opens the door, bus diving". The description of the book makes them believe that it is a prophecy. At this time, the two people open the last page, page 200 (which is blank after this page), which is the page representing the 19th of July that day, and wrote: "The gray sky, the witch is furious, and this day is broken, it is really sad!". The two people intuitively think that the sky is so dark, and must represent the earth, so they are shocked. They wants to tell their friends to use "Time Machine" to help us escape.

Nobita and Suneo hurry to inform everyone. Nobita first informs Shizuka but says she wants to write her homework. Suneo tells Gian that April Fool's Day is not yet here. Then Nobita and Suneo go to the mountain and pick up the shovel and have to dig the anti-hole. After digging, Suneo proposes to transport the food to the hole as much as possible.

So Suneo goes to inform Gian and others, while Nobita goes to inform Shizuka, and then goes to find Dekisugi. But he does not believe in the prophecy, and says that the dark sky is caused by the floating yellow sand in China, which is only a natural phenomenon. After the two inform many people, Nobita returns home but is scolded by Doraemon, who has just returned, saying, "How can I peek at his diary?". Nobita is suspicious of this. Doraemon says that it is his "secret diary" last year.

When Gian and others are playing ball in the open lot, they meet Noibta who runs home quickly (Nobita accidentally steps on the ball and falls down).Gian smiles and Nobita said that the hole is dug smoothly. Nobita ignores Gian and says that he will laugh if he wants to. After finishing his food, Nobita sees his mother eat the scallop and wants to take some with him, while he sees the news on TV that the whale is stranded (maybe part of the diary). Nobita tells his mother that he will pick him up later and quickly prepare important things.

Nobita gives his collection of cartoons to Gian and them (they scramble to fight). Nobita cries goodbye to everyone and they feel strange after reading them.

While Nobita and Suneo in the cave are putting food on, Nobita wants to persuade everyone again. Unexpectedly, he hears the crow's cry and runs out to see that the weather becomes strange black and yellow (yellow sand in China). Suneo thinks that the end is coming. In order to prevent the town from disappearing, he runs to persuade everyone again. Gian at the open lot has been laughing, and Shizuka wants to take the piano lesson, and finally go to find Dekisugi, Finally, when She returnes to the gate of Nobita's house and decides that only the two of them will take refuge, Doraemon finally appears (also says to use "Time Machine" to go hiking yesterday). Doraemon is surprised after the diary.

Nobita first asks, "New Year's money is less than forty thousand, and he catches ghosts with the public." Doraemon says, "New Year's money is seldom disappointed, and then he plays the game of drawing ghosts with Nobita; "The orangutan snatchs the mechanical bird from the fox," Doraemon says, "Didn't Gian once snatch Suneo's remote-controlled plane?"; "The public opens the door and plunges into the water silently." Doraemon said, "Nobita goes to Shizuka's bathroom and hides in the bathub silently." The last page: "The dark day, the witch is furious. This day is over. Sad." Doraemon says: "The dark day means that you got a zero score in the exam. As a result, Mom is angry, so there is no dorayaki to eat that day". Of course, He is very sad. Nobita asks why there are blank pages after page 200? Doraemon says that he doesn't bother to write a diary later, but it is better than you only write for three days. After that, Gian and the others think that the end of the day is really coming because of the strange weather (crows passing by, wild cats wailing, the wind and sand blowing) when playing at the open lot. Then the open lot is empty, and Nobita and Suneo are exhausted after knowing the truth. Unexpectedly, everyone go to Nobita's door to look for him in the hope of escaping. Nobita says that he wants to explain to Doraemon. Doraemon feels embarrassed, but Suneo says that he doesn't care. Nobita and Doraemon roast that it is you who causes the trouble!


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  • This first (and only) time someones trust about Nobita misunderstanding.