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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
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2005 anime series
Nobita the Leaf Detective
Proposal Strategy
Puropōzu Sakusen
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date November 3, 2017
Season 13
Episode number 500b
Doraemon Operation - Propose
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Proposal Strategy (Japanese: プロポーズ作戦 Puropōzu Sakusen) is an episode of 2005 anime series. It first aired in TV Asahi on November 3, 2017.


When Nobita and Doraemon are going to eat that night, they find that the dishes are richer than usual. It turns out to be the 12th wedding anniversary of Mom and Dad. Dad also bought flowers and sent them back to mom. During the meal, Nobita wants to ask about the marriage proposal at that time. After getting his father's approval, his mother secretly tells Nobita that it is his father who says, "If you don't marry me, I will die." Unexpectedly, after Dad hears it, he says that Mom is talking nonsense, which is completely the opposite. She should be crying and begging him. The two sides accuse each other of lying, so they quarrel. So after confirming the date with both party, Nobita and Doraemon plans to take "Time Machine" to find out. Back in Central Park on November 3rd, Showa 34, He sees a young mother. Mom looks disturbed because Dad is an hour late and angry. Dad explains that it is slow because the watch is cheap, but Mom is even angrier because it is a watch she buys and feels that such an argument is mean, so she turns and leaves. Later, my mother plans to forgive my father. When my father is about to catch up with my mother, he is suddenly yelled at by a dog. When he is mistaken for his father by his mother, he stands directly facing the rose bushes. Unexpectedly, he sees the wrong person because he does not wear glasses, but Dad thinks his mother is angry on purpose, so he gets angry too. Later, my mother squints her eyes before seeing the person's appearance, and then puts on the glasses. When the person is finally pushed down, she falls slowly and comes back to find her father. She finds that her father is hugging a young sister. And says, "Please do me a favor, okay?" After seeing this scene, my mother is surprised and also angry, saying: "I am separated from me for less than 5 minutes, and I am with my lovely girl." So she plans to never see her father again. The truth turns out to be that Dad's younger sister (Nobita's aunt) comes to ask him for pocket money. Later, Doraemon has no choice but to take out "Imitation Dummy" to copy his father to ask his mother for mercy. Imitation Dummy says to his mother, if you don't marry me, I will die. Later, he copies his mother to find his father, and the clone cries to his father and tells him to marry her. Although the task is accomplished, it also causes the two sides to argue endlessly about the truth, which causes them to quarrel again. After returning, Nobita and Doraemon can't find his parents. He thinks they are arguing about divorce and run away from home. Unexpectedly, they reconcile and watch the moon lovingly outside the house. They say, "It doesn't matter who proposes first, as long as they are happy now."


Main characters[]

Other characters[]

  • A man who looks similar to Nobisuke
  • Nobisuke's younger sister (Nobita's aunt)

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Teaser for "Spider Web Cable" and "Proposal Strategy"

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