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Questionputer is a gadget owned by Doraemon.


It is pink in color and has some buttons on it with a big blue screen at the top.


This gadget is used to give some questions to someone using his/her DNA.


This is the gadget that was used to know what Shizuka really wanted for her birthday as a gift. Doraemon and Nobita found out that she wanted Sweet Potatoes as a gift on her birthday with the help of this gadget. They plucked one of her hair strands to get her DNA so they could activate this gadget.

Appear in[]

  • The Sponger Gian


Name origin[]

  • Questionputer may be a combination of Question or Questionnaire and Puter (Computer).
  • Ankētā may be a combination of Ankēto (Questionnaire) and Konpyūtā (Computer).