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(Opens Title Card)

Dorami: A special Christmas performance of "Rapunzel, The Princess in the Tower"

(Dorami Sings)

Doraemon: Once upon a time, there was a beautiful voice singing a song that continually echoed deep throughout the forest. Due to an evil witch, the princess who lived in the tower had never been out since she was born.

Suneo: Sore! Oboccha Mambo

Sore! Oboccha Mambo

Yappa! Oboccha Mambo

(The camera focus on Nobita who is the horse.)

Kore ga Suneo no Mambo! Yay!

Suneo: Hey, horse. Can't you walk a little more enthusiastically?

Nobita:(Performs the sound of the horse)

Suneo:{Humming the Rich Kid Mambo song then stops after hearing Dorami's voice) . What a beautiful singing voice! I want to make her my wife!(Goes off the Horse). Wait right here.

Nobita:(Doing horse sounds)

Suneo:There's no stairs or door! Man, how am I supposed to get up there?

(Suneo heard footsteps coming from Shizuka & hides)

Shizuka:(Evil Laughs while going towards the tower)

Suneo: That's a witch...

Shizuka: Oh, Princess Dorami! Let down your long hair!

(Dorami throws her hair, then Shizuka climbs up)

Suneo: That sure is long...

(Shizuka climbs down then leaves and Dorami gets her hair;Suneo goes towards the tower)

Suneo: Princess Dorami, let down you hair! Oh, Princess Dorami! Let down your long hair!

(Dorami throws her hair then Suneo climbs)

Suneo : Heave ho! Heave ho! Heave ho! Oh, my beloved Princess!

Dorami: Who are you?

Suneo: I'm the princes of a rich country!

Dorami: A prince?

Suneo: Yes! If you marry me, I'll buy you any expensive thing you want! Beautiful clothing, the finest food an if I say the word, you can have everything this world has to offer!

(Dorami brings out the scissors & cuts it making Suneo fall)

Doraemon: Dorami....

Dorami: I hate that kind of arrogant prince! I'm through with this! Hmph!

Nobita: Me too...

Gian: He even made me be da legs o' da horse!

Doraemon: Come on! You all were the ones who said you wanted to do a play for Christmas!

Gian: Dis was bad castin'! I'm da one who's gotta play da prince!

Nobita: Eh? But if we suddenly change roles, we can't remember our lines.

Doraemon: That won't be a problem!(Brings out a gadget) Once we set up this "Auto Action Prompter", it will make you automatically move and speak according to the script!

Dorami: You don't need to remember any lines!

Gian: Dat sounds awesome!

Shizuka: Then let's hurry & try switching roles

(Then a slot like machine appears that randomly select the characters)

Gian: Cool!

(Doraemon starts singing)

Shizuka: Once upon a time, there was a Dora-sounding voice that continually echoed deep throughout the forest

Gian: Hey, walk mo' steadily!

(Nobita & Suneo sounded that they were tired)

Gian: Yo, Princess! Let down your hair! Let it down, already!Angrily

(Doraemon throws his hair; Gian tries to climb then Doraemon's wig remove causing Gian to fall)

(The slot like machine appears again and randomly selecting the characters)

Nobita: Haaay! Me and Shizuka are the prince & princess

Shizuka: I wanted to play the princess too!

(Gian & Suneo pops out getting the script for the Auto Action Prompter)

Nobita: I know you'll do it great!

(Gian & Suneo quietly laughs; Shizuka started to sing)

Nobita: What a beautiful singing voice. I definitely want to take her as my wife.

Nobita: Wait here.

Doraemon:(Doing sound of the horse)

Nobita: Princess Shizuka! (Walking towards the tower)

Nobita: Princess Shizuka, let down your hair!

(Shizuka throws her hair & Nobita climbs all the way to the top)

Nobita: Princess Shizuka!

(Shizuka is taking a bath)

Shizuka: Oh?

Shizuka: Prince, you perv!

(Nobita falls down like Suneo does)

Nobita: Why?

(Gian & Suneo quietly laughs)

Doraemon: Come on, you guys! This is not working at all!

Gian: I dat case, how 'bout I play da princess!

All except Gian: WHAT...?!

(Nobita, Doraemon, Suneo imagine Gian singing )

Nobita: Gian's singing...

Doraemon: Is terrifying.

Suneo: The tower will collapse with his first note.

(Nobita, Doraemon & Suneo nervously laugh)

Gian: Wut did ya just say?!

(Gian tries to punches Suneo, Nobita & Doraemon)

Gian: Take dis!