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Reo Tabino is the major antagonist of The Doraemons Special Volume 5 along with Arsene Lupin. He appears later as a main antagonist in a main story on later volume.


Reo's true identity is actually Nobita from 3 days later who ran away from home after being scolded by Tamako and Nobisuke. He ran away to an uninhibited island with Doraemon's Spare Pocket, but the pocket was stolen by a wild monkey. Fortunately, the monkey dropped Arsene Lupin "Famous Figure Imitation Egg" who helped him retrieved the pocket.

After returning home and realizing that his parents and Doraemon were all worried about his disappearance, he decided to concoct a plan to prevent his past self from running away and also to make him remember his bonds with his parents and Doraemon.


  • His name is "Ore Nobita" spelt backward. Curiously, Nobita normally used pronoun is "Boku".