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The Resolution Door is the gadget of Doraemon to solve any person's issues or problems.


First a user must tell what problems he/she want to solve and then he/she will go inside the door. To solve his/her issue, an instructor who resides inside the door will give him/her difficult tasks to reach his/her goal. The time inside the door is slower than the real world. The user cannot go back to the real world unless he/she reaches his/her main goal. But there are a few exceptions though. If the instructor is unable to withstand whatever makes him feel weak or sick or something else, then the user will be kicked out instantly and not permitted to return.


The Resolution Door Tamako Nobi To solve her problem regarding to her weight.
The Resolution Door Nobita Nobi To solve his problem in jumping the five-stack vaulting box.
The Resolution Door Doraemon To solve Nobita's problem in jumping the five-stack vaulting box by cheering him.
The Resolution Door Takeshi Gouda To improve his voice before getting kicked out back to the real world instantly.

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