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See You Go Round is an episode from the U.S. English version of the Doraemon 2005 anime.


Noby is excited to see his uncle, Uncle Chester, but when Mom calls Uncle Chester on the phone, she tells her son that he can't arrive because the blizzard hit, and now every flight has been cancelled. So, Doraemon shows Noby a baggage carousel-like gadget that can summon the person of the user's choice, but can only be used 10 times because of the demo version of the gadget. The guys use it to summon everyone from Minnie to Noby's Uncle Chester from Springfield, from all the uncles from Springfield to all people named Sue, and from their favorite pop singer, Sera Ivy to Doraemon himself!


Appearances on the carousel (in order of appearance)[]

  1. Minnie
  2. All the uncles from Springfield
  3. All of Dad's colleagues
  4. Chester
  5. All of Mom's ex-classmates
  6. All people named Sue
  7. Ace Goody
  8. Sera Ivy
  9. Chester (as he appears for the second time)
  10. Doraemon (as he appears for the second time)

Gadgets used[]

Gadgets introduced are highlighted in BOLD


  • Sue does not appear in the U.S. version. Hence, the number of times the gadget can be used is reduced from 11 in the original version to 10. However, she IS mentioned.