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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.

Romance in the Snowy Mountain (雪山のロマンス Yukiyama no Romansu) is an episode from the 1979 anime.



The episode starts at Nobita and Shizuka walking back home from school, and Nobita asked Shizuka if they can do homework together, which she rejects as he always copies hers before walking away. As he arrived back home, Nobita became worried and asks Doraemon if he will marry Shizuka in the future. Doraemon jokes on Nobita, telling him that everyone is much better than him, to which an annoyed Nobita demands him to stop. Doraemon then agrees to examine the future with him, and pulled out the Time TV. He tells Nobita that he and Shizuka will get engaged at the exact date of October 25, 14 years later. Instead of forwarding at that time, however, Doraemon was curious of what happened in-between. When the Time TV activates, they saw the future Nobita, to which the present counterpart reacts that nothing has changed of his lazy personality. An older Shizuka asks him Nobita if he wants to accompany her to a snowy mountain, but he rejects due to his laziness. Doraemon tells present Nobita that he is simply impatient. Shizuka walks away and finds someone else instead. Since present Nobita doesn't want to watch that scene, he tells Doraemon to fast forward it. Much to his terror, however, they discovered that Shizuka is now alone, stuck on the mountain in a raging snowstorm and in danger of dying. Doraemon concludes that she must have been separated from her friends. Nobita wants to know what is his future self doing, to which Doraemon replies that he is sick in bed with a serious cold, much to his chagrin. Deciding to rescue Shizuka, Nobita asks Doraemon for his Time Cloth and assumes the identity of his future self. He gets a coat to defend himself from the blizzard and heads off, telling Doraemon not to intervene. Though in doubt of Nobita's attempt, he agrees.

Once he arrived in the snow mountain, he saw Shizuka in one second and runs off to her. With Shizuka saw Nobita, he assures her that he is to help and offers to take her backpack, though it is too heavy and Shizuka ends up still carrying it instead. Nobita tried "world map" as a map, though it did not help, and Shizuka had to guide themselves with a compass. While walking, Shizuka found a cave as a stop over to rest, and goes inside. Nobita tries to start a fire, but fails since the matches were drenched and he wasn't successful while rubbing sticks together, and Shizuka took out a lighter, much to Nobita's chagrin. He tried giving his coat to Shizuka, though it was too wet to keep anything warm and he ends up shivering, while Shizuka gives him a dry spare towel she had to keep him warm. Nobita tries to give Shizuka canned food, though he doesn't have any can openers, and he begins to weep. Shizuka gives him some dried food before falling asleep.

The snowstorm eventually stop. Shizuka takes a quick peek outside and informs Nobita they can keep going. While walking, Nobita slips from the snow and down the hill twisting his ankle and losing his glasses in the process. Shizuka tells Nobita that rescue is on the way while Nobita makes a grumbled face.

Nobita eventually returns from the future, restores him to his present self, and declares to Doraemon that his plan failed. Doraemon takes out his Time TV again to see what happens next after history has been altered, though Nobita refused, maintaining that his prediction is correct. When the Time TV opens, a shocking sentence by Shizuka saying, "I want to marry you, Nobita.", and the real Nobita from the future, supposedly sick of a cold on his bed, thanks her. She also said: "If I'm not by your side, how can I look over you to make sure you're not in danger?", with future Nobita still crying in joy. Present Nobita wasn't happy and felt embarrassed while watching. Doraemon says to Nobita that he will become slightly more of an independent man in the future and Nobita agrees softly, as the episode ends.


If I'm not by your side, how can I look over you to make sure you're not in danger?

— Shizuka Minamoto talking to Nobita after accepting his proposal, on Romance in the Snowy Mountain 1979 (Original)

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  • This is one of three episodes to air on a leap day, February 29, along with The Invincible, Ultra-Special-Mighty-Strong-Super Armor and The Spirit Nobita Loved (2008 adaptations).
  • The story was used in the movie Stand by Me Doraemon.
  • While Nobita is using the Time Machine, he is singing "I'll marry..." meaning that Nobita will marry Shizuka once he arrived in the snow mountain.
  • Every story plot in every version is always the same, but 2005 (Original) extended some extra scene making it longer.
  • Only this version, and the remade version never switched voice actors except for the 1979 remade.
  • The following are failures in Nobita's attempts to help Shizuka:
    • Carrying her heavy bag
    • Using a "world map" as a map
    • Lighting a fire
    • Giving his coat to Shizuka while shivering
    • Offering a food for her, without the can opener.
    • Walking with Shizuka on a slippery snow path