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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.

Romance in the Snowy Mountain is a remake episode from the 2005 anime.


Nobita feels worried, whether he'll marry Shizuka in the future, so Doraemon used the Time TV to check on it. While checking, they saw future Shizuka stuck on a snowy mountain blizzard and future Nobita in bed with a cold. It's up to present Nobita to solve the problem by disguising himself as Future Nobita and rescue Shizuka in the snowy mountain. Will he succeed? Or his future will change disastrously?



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Shizuka refused doing homework with Nobita

The episode starts at the park on a cold day. Apparently, Nobita asks Shizuka to go work on homework together, but she denied because every time Nobita says that, he ends up copying all of her answers, instead. Then, Shizuka tells him to work on his homework by himself for a while, not relying on Shizuka, and walks away with her friends. Suddenly, it starts to snow and Nobita sneezes, then goes back home.

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Present Nobita, used the "Time Cloth" to disguised himself as future Nobita 14 years later

Back home, Nobita starts to worry and ask Doraemon, whether he will marry Shizuka in the future, but Nobita feels something odd that they're not in a good mood between him and Shizuka, and Doraemon is wondering about that too, but he goes a bit overboard by saying, "There are OTHER better guys out there, too!", which bothers Nobita, and apologizes. He also asks Doraemon to make sure his future didn't change and wants to find out if WHY and HOW Shizuka decided to marry him in the future, then Doraemon authorizes his request and pulls out a "Time TV". According to Doraemon, he and Shizuka will get engaged October 25, 14 years later. When they opened the Time TV, they can see, Nobita 14 years later, either walking back home from school or goes to meet Shizuka, with a cold, and Shizuka 14 years later, wearing a mountain suit and a mountain gear. Shizuka asks future Nobita if he wants to go on a mountain trip with her friends, then Future Nobita said he wants to go if it's a flat mountain. Doraemon feels frustrated about future Nobita because he hasn't changed in one bit. Disappointed on Nobita's reply, Shizuka walks away from Nobita, and goes with her friends (just like at the beginning of the episode. With present Nobita is upset on future Nobita's decision on Shizuka, he asks Doraemon to fast forward the Time TV.

While fast-forwarding the Time TV, they saw a powerful blizzard, and he and Doraemon felt a bit of relief because he thinks Shizuka would end up in the blizzard all by herself until they saw a person walking in the blizzard by herself, and he asks Doraemon to zoom it in, but it turns out to the Shizuka, and Nobita panicked in fear. He asks Doraemon why Shizuka is all by herself, and Doraemon said Shizuka got separated by her friends from the blizzard while hiking. Then, present Nobita wants to know what is future Nobita doing this whole time. Doraemon said that future Nobita is in bed resting as his cold got worse. Dissatisfied by what is happening in the future, he came up a brilliant idea. He ask Doraemon to borrow his "Time Cloth", and agrees him in a confuse way. Then, he inserts the Time Cloth on himself. While it's functioning, he turns from 10 years to 24 years older. By the look on Doraemon's face, he said to Nobita that he can't go somewhere with his short clothing. Then on the next scene, he wears a brown coat, blue sweater and a bag (similar to what he saw on future Nobita on the Time TV), and he will use the time machine to rescue Shizuka from the snowy mountain. Doraemon thinks about Nobita's plan, and he feels a bit unpleasant. After he goes into the time machine, Doraemon wants to go too, but he told him to stay inside the house, and rescue Shizuka all by himself. Nobita used the time machine, to the snowy mountain 14 years later in the future... and goes off.

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Nobita arrives at the snowy mountain

Nobita arrived at the snowy mountain, where Shizuka was stranded in the blizzard, he goes off to search for Shizuka. Meanwhile, at the present time, Doraemon starts to feel worried for him, and he takes a quick peek on the Time TV and saw Nobita shivering while looking for her, which makes Doraemon screams anxiously. He used the Anywhere Door, on the similar spot where Nobita landed, and picks up a Time Belt, and disappeared. As he still looking for Shizuka, he finally found Shizuka and started shouting at her. As she heard Nobita's voice, he started running towards her and trips on to the snow floor. Shizuka is surprised to see Nobita, and she said, "Did you come because of me?", and he replied, "Yes" (Even though that's future Nobita in disguise), and since Nobita is here, she doesn't have to feel worried. Then somehow every time Nobita tries to help Shizuka, she ended up assisting Nobita instead such as: carrying Shizuka's bag, and using a "world map". While walking in a stormy blizzard, they found a cave and decided to stop there for a bit. Until Doraemon appeared suddenly like Nobita, he hits the piles of snow on top of the cave, which causes to collapse and traps both Nobita and Shizuka inside.

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Sleeping Nobita, and Shizuka inside the cave

Inside the cave, Nobita tries to call Shizuka if she's alright, and Shizuka shines the flashlight on him. Since they're trapped inside the cave (thanks to Doraemon's interference), they gotta stay here for the night. While Shizuka found a few wood branches, they have enough branches to build a fire, which is more important to keep themselves warm from the cold. Nobita said to Shizuka confidently that he'll light up the fire in his own way without using a match, since it's got soaked, by rubbing the two pieces of wood, while Nobita keeps rubbing and rubbing the wood, Shizuka asks Nobita that if he wants to use her lighter, much of a shock and another failed attempt to help her, so he use her lighter instead. While sitting on the fire, Nobita saw Shizuka shivers a bit, and he takes off his coat and gives it to Shizuka, but Shizuka screams, telling him that his coat is completely soaked, then Nobita starts to shiver, and he also didn't bring an extra pair of clothing with him. Thanks to Shizuka's help, she offered him a warm blanket and tells him to remove his soaking wet clothes and let it off to dry. Then, another failed attempt by Nobita is bringing lots of canned food, "without" the can opener, which guessed Shizuka correctly. Luckily, she has a portable food left with her, and gives it to Nobita, and feels full. With the effects of Shizuka's portable food, he turns sleepy all of a sudden, so Shizuka offered him a sleeping bag to sleep in with. While Nobita is sleeping, she saw a small gap of snow cleared up on the cave, which is there escape route on the next day.

The next day, the blizzard died down, and Doraemon wakes up from his slumber stormy night and another pile of snow hit him out of sight. Meanwhile, Shizuka pushed a bit of snow, which is big enough to get out from the cave, and she wakes Nobita up and starts heading out again, while on the other hand, Doraemon got out of the piles of snow. As they were walking, Nobita said it's very slippery, which is easy to slip and fall, but Nobita just ended up moving from the snow and hits towards the rock. While walking, Nobita ends up losing his balance, gets hit from a pile of snow, twisted his ankle, and loses his glasses (His eyes is pretty much the same as Nobita's father without his glasses), until Shizuka found her friends on sight, and started running towards them leaving Nobita behind. His plan ultimately failed, and he heard Doraemon's voice, he was saved. Shizuka told them that she was okay, because of Nobita. Confused by her friends, they thought Nobita didn't come because he had a cold, and Shizuka looks back, where Nobita was last seen, but Nobita's gone without a trace, and her friends said to her that maybe she was just dreaming.

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Nobita cries of joy, after Shizuka accepts his marriage proposal

Back at the house, Nobita refused to look at the Time TV, after the events that happened between them at the snowy mountain. As Doraemon watched Time TV, she saw Shizuka waved goodbye to her friends, and goes off back at the park, and saw future Nobita walking like a zombie. Shizuka asks future Nobita where he is going, and as he going to take his bag off, he drops it and piled of canned goods scatter outside of his bag. Shizuka looks closely to the can, and she made her decision. Shizuka called Nobita that she wants to marry Nobita, which surprised Nobita. She said, "If I'm not by your side, how can I look over you to make sure you're not in danger?", and connects the can in Nobita's hand, and starts crying with joy, and even thank her for accepting his marriage proposal. On the other side, Nobita feels embarrassed what he saw on the Time TV, because of that Doraemon said that he'll become slightly more reliable and more dependable guy in the future, and Nobita agrees softly. Outside, he heard and saw Shizuka outside of his house, and she said, "Let's do our homework together!", with that respond, Nobita cheerfully shouted her name, and the episode ends.


If I'm not by your side, how can I look over you to make sure you're not in danger?

— Shizuka Minamoto talking to Nobita after accepting his proposal, on Romance in the Snowy Mountain 2005 (Remade)

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  • The story was used in the movie Stand by Me Doraemon.
  • In the Korean dub, they switched voice actor after Nobita using the Time Cloth. Same thing for 1979 (Remade).
  • Doraemon was included with more appearance in this version.
  • Nobita's parents didn't appeared on this episode.
  • The following things that Nobita failed to help Shizuka in the Snowy Mountain:
  1. Carrying her heavy bag.
  2. Using a "world map".
  3. Lighting a fire.
  4. Giving his coat to Shizuka while shivering.
  5. Offering a food for her, without the can opener.
  6. Walking with Shizuka while clearing the path for her.
  • Takeshi, Suneo, and Dekisugi was replaced by Etsuko and Nakamura in the 2014 version.
  • In the 2014 version, Shizuka accepts Nobita's marriage proposal outside of the park. While the 2005 (Original), she accepts Nobita's marriage proposal at her house.


  • The function of the Time Cloth was used backwards in this episode, if he puts the Time Cloth in Blue, he would've turn younger, not older.