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Scroll of Nalnedes, also known as Passage to the Underworld in the original manga, is an ancient relic featured in Doraemon: Nobita's Great Adventure into the Underworld and its remake. The scroll was written by Nalnedes, the only human to ever stepped foot into the Demon Realm, for the later generations to find a way to stop the demon from conquering earth.


Thousand years ago, a powerful wizard named Nalnedes tricked the demons that he wishes to become their ally and was taken to the Demon Realm. There, he learned many secrets of the land, the demon populations, and even the weakness of the Demon King, Demaon. After he had returned to Earth, he wrote the scroll of all the secrets that he knew from his journey and hid it. The demons eventually acknowledged of Nalnedes betrayal and eliminated him.

Original and 1984 version[]

The scroll was hidden away until it was found by Professor Mangetsu who managed to translate most of its contents. Fearing that the scroll may brought the destruction to the demons, Demaon ordered his subordinates to capture the Mangetsu Family and retrieve the relic. However Miyoko Mangetsu, the professor's daughter, managed to escape after being cursed into a kitten and hid the scroll inside a tree trunk in the forest. She later retrieved the scroll along with her carpet when she along with Doraemon and his friends preparing to head to the Demon Realm. There, she used the scroll to navigate across the lands and eventually reached Demaon's Castle. After the group failed to defeat Demaon, Miyoko gave the scroll to Nobita and told him to escape. With the help of Dorami's Translation Jelly, Nobita managed to translate the final part of the scroll, revealing the missing crucial information about the location of Demaon's heart that finally allowing them to defeat Demaon.



The scroll was hidden inside the Cavern of Ice surrounded by a powerful magic that warded off demon and locked inside a chest. Unlike the original manga and movie, the scroll was separated into two parts; one for the most information's of the Demon Realm's geography and the twelve silver darts, and the more important one consisted of the crucial detail of the Moon's magic and its weak point, along with the fact that Demaon's heart was the red moon orbiting around the Demon Realm.

The scroll's location was eventually discovered by Professor Mangetsu. Fearing that the scroll may brought the destruction to the demons, Demaon ordered his servants, Medusa and a Demonic Monkey, to capture the Mangetsu Family and obtain it. However Miyoko, Professor Mangetsu's daughter, managed to escape despite being cursed into a mouse. Medusa managed to obtain the location of the scroll and tricked Nobita and his friends into obtaining it for her since she cannot enter the cavern. She managed to steal the second part for Demaon who decided to spare her live despite that she failed to steal all the contents as the second part was more crucial. Unknown to him, Medusa herself had secretly read the content of the second scroll.

Similar to the original manga and movie, the gang used the scroll to navigate through the lands of Demon Realm until they reached Demaon's castle, but failed to kill him with the Silver Darts. After Medusa transformed back into her true form, Miyoko's mother, she told the group the content of the second scroll before perishing away, allowing the group to finally defeat Demaon with Nobita's last silver dart and Dorami's Big Light.