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Doraemon Kuuki Pistol Remote Control

The Doraemon Secret Gadget Air Pistol is a remote control for AV equipment, made to resemble the Air Pistol seen in the Doraemon anime. It can be worn over the finger, much like how the Doraemon anime characters wear their Air Pistols.


The Secret Gadget Air Pistol has 4 buttons that can be programmed to control certain functions performed by AV equipment, such as TVs, VCRs and DVD players.

To program these buttons, one has to press the button on the pistol that they want to program, and then press the button corresponding to an action on the regular TV remote. The button, on the pistol, will then perform the action performed by the standard remote button pressed. For example, if one pressed button A to program it, and pressed the "5" button on the standard TV remote, the pistol's "A" button would then tune the television set into channel 5 (in most parts of Japan, this channel number is used by TV Asahi, Doraemon's Japanese broadcaster).

To use a button once programmed, the user presses the button ("arming" the pistol), and then says "Bang!", as if firing the Air Pistol in the Doraemon anime series. The action is then performed using the same infrared technology as standard TV remotes.