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The Shadow Cutting Scissors, also known as the Shadow Cutter in the LUK Internacional English dub is a gadget that resembles a typical pair of scissors. The gadget is used to cut a person's shadow, animating them into a 'shadow puppet'. The shadow is obedient and unable to talk for the first 30 minutes, but after that, it will become smarter, more evil and wishes to replaces its person by transforming into them while they become the shadow.


The Shadow Cutting Scissors can cut a shadow of a person if the shadow's figure is completely visible. Thus, the person whom shadow is about to be cut should stand on a place with good lighting. After the shadow is detached from the person, it will become somewhat 3-dimensional, and animated. The person's shadow is unable to speak, yet docile and obedient in the first 30 minutes. But if the shadow is still around exceeds 30 minutes, it will become smarter, and its blackness will start transforming it into its person. The person is instead, starts to become darker, and more 'shadow-like'. Despite it starting to become more like their person, they are still light-weight, have malleable bodies and incredible naughtiness. The person and the shadow will be switched each other in two hours. The shadow should be immediately bind to the person back using the Shadow Binding Glue. Because a shadow is virtually not physical, one should catch them with the Shadow Capturing Mochi". A person's shadow cut by the Shadow Cutting Scissors has similar personalities with their person. For example, Shadow Nobita is scared of Tamako Nobi's shadow.

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