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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Shizuka's Birthday/2005 Anime
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Release date June 3, 2016
Japanese title エスパーキャップ
English title The Esper Hat
Episode number 778
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Nobita wants to perform at Shizuka's birthday party, but he can't think of what to perform. He first fails to practice magic at home. Doraemon then takes out The Esper Hat to him and started to let him practice.

First practice mind power, first take the salt and the seat cushion and gradually increase the weight. Although it is successful, Nobita practices very hard. He says that he wants to rest and go to the toilet. Doraemon asks him to practice teleportation by the way. The rope goes to the toilet, and then he pulls his body over, but instead the urinal flies over, and Nobita also wets his pants.

After practicing perspective, this time it is relatively smooth and successful, and I see far away. I also secretly learn that Suneo will evolve a lot of handkerchief magic. After the show is not good, Nobita is relieved.

At the beginning of the party, Nobita continues to wear his hat. When he is about to watch Suneo's performance, Nobita is told by the classmates next to him that the hat is in the way and he can't see in front of him. Nobita has to put the hat nearby and is taken away by the wild cat. Hurrying to look for it but couldn't find it, Nobita has to go to the party site first, and Doraemon continues to look for it. When we arrive at the scene, everyone draw lots to decide the order of performances. Suneo starts first, followed by Gian, but the things that the two are going to perform are all told by Nobita in advance, so they feel boring and stopped performing. Next, it is Nobita's turn because the gadget are not yet available. When he came, he ran away. At this time, Doraemon found that there were fish flying in the sky, only to find that a wild cat is using the Esper Hat, finds the hat and rendezvous with Nobita.

Outside the venue, Nobita decides to use his mind power to make Gian and Suneo fly. As a result, the two claim that it is their performance. Nobita uses teleportation to move there. Unexpectedly, due to insufficient practice, he leaves his clothes in place and runs in naked.


  • Doraemon (Angry)
  • Nobita Nobi
  • Shizuka Minamoto
  • Suneo Honekawa
  • Takeshi Gouda
  • Yasuo (Costume Party)
  • Haruo (Costume Party)
  • Masami (Costume Party)
  • Yamada (Costume Party)
  • Suzumu (Costume Party)
  • Tachibana (Costume Party)
  • Etsuko (Costume Party)
  • Kawamura (Costume Party)
  • Nakamura (Costume Party)
  • Yoshiko (Costume Party)