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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Shizuka-chan's Present is Nobita
Release date May 30, 2008
Japanese title しずかちゃんへのプレゼントはのび太
English title Shizuka-chan's Present is Nobita
Season number Four
Episode number 128
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Shizuka-chan's Present is Nobita is an episode from the Doraemon 2005 anime.


The episode starts when Nobita is sewing a handkerchief, which is a present for Shizuka, but he accidentally poked himself with a sewing stick causing him to hold his scream. Scene changes at Shizuka's house, where we see Gian, Suneo and Dekisugi (except for Doraemon who did not get invited AGAIN) start giving out a present for Shizuka such as Flowers (Suneo), Dekisugi (Book of poems), while they look on Nobita's face meaning he's jealous. He quickly gets off from his seat with a WEIRD one leg pose and tells her to open his gift next and tells her to quickly open it. As she opens it, the handkerchief begins with her name labelled in it and a rose beside it which amazes her. Unfortunately, he made a mistake with the Japanese letter "zu" (ず), which is in backwards causes Nobita to go with an embarrassment while Suneo and Gian laugh really hard, luckily Shizuka tells them that it's just a mistake that Nobita made and thanks Nobita. Lastly, Gian present was a painting of Shizuka in her wedding dress with her future prince beside her (except has no face) that was made by his little sister, Jaiko Gouda. She thinks to herself, who will be her prince when she gets married in the future (of course, you know) and Nobita jumps out of his seat that he will bring her future prince to her and runs back to his house.

Doraemon, on the other hand, telling him that it's possible, but it can shock Shizuka, and it will cause her future to fall in despair while Nobita doesn't believe him. Doraemon pulls out the Time TV, to forward 25 Years Later to check future Nobita. Time TV pops out, and we can see future Nobita lying down on the floor like a bear which shocks Nobita the most. Future Nobita says that future Shizuka went back to her parent's house and she is distraught at him, while for Doraemon says, "Does that you like a prince to you?!" and Nobita exclaims that he doesn't want his future self to go meet her like that. However, future Nobita has a problem and screams, leaving the two confused about what is going on. Then, future Nobita pops out of the drawer, unexpectedly startled both Present Nobita and Doraemon. After telling future Nobita about why did he come back to the present time and says them that he has to go to current Shizuka's house meaning there's a problem going on and runs off downstairs and goes outside. Nobita tells Doraemon that future Nobita is going to Shizuka's house from the present time, and they shouted, "That's not good!".

Before future Nobita makes things worse, present Nobita and Doraemon stopped him in time and goes to the vacant lot. Then, Gian and Suneo appeared and asked Nobita about what he said earlier. Future Nobita butts in saying that the future prince is HIM, luckily present Nobita stopped him by covering his mouth to avoid controversy. Now Gian and Suneo make fun of them calling them an "unattractive old geezer", then both Nobita shouted to them at the same time saying "Who are you calling an unattractive old geezer?!" then Gian and Suneo walk away after Doraemon tells them that she would have picked a much cooler future prince. Future Nobita goes to Shizuka's house next, thanks to little Nobita for giving him directions, but he was stopped by police after trying to climb on top of the wall. Luckily, little Nobita and Doraemon saved him by pretending that future Nobita is their father and walks away.

Back at the house, future Nobita asked them if he looks like a suspicious person and they both agreed. They said the following things such as: scruffy facial hair, messy hair, wrinkled clothes and the fat big belly. Doraemon wants to asked future Nobita what's the reason why he decided to see Shizuka at the present time. Future Nobita replied that he has to retrieve future Shizuka's birthday present from the present time, because he puts the wrong year and the wrong time on his time delivery card or a receipt and gives it to Doraemon, then future Nobita said that he also put a birthday card inside of Shizuka's birthday present, which is an apology card when future Nobita forgot his "wedding anniversary" with Shizuka, which shocks both present Nobita and Doraemon. They concluded that if she reads the birthday card on her future self's present, it will expose all of the secrets between Nobita and Shizuka in the future, causing her to go on a long trip and never come back again, then the three starts panicking. Tamako Nobi opens the door and tells them to be quiet. She paused and saw adult Nobita, but he successfully stops her by flattering her saying "Wow, so young!' and exits the room. Doraemon went serious and said the only way to stop this disaster, they should stop the present from being delivered. But first, little Nobita and Doraemon decided to do a "makeover" on future Nobita.

During the makeover-ish, they pulled out the Dress Up Camera and takes picture of Future Nobita one by one, but it did not work (Following things he took a picture: Adult dressed like an elementary uniform, samurai, and tarzan). Then, Nobita body-shames future Nobita with his big belly and tells Doraemon if there's a way to remove the fat belly, so he pulled out, Body Part Swap Machine, and switches the middle part of the body, making present Nobita's middle body fat, while for future Nobita has skinny body instead. Next, he pulled out, Correction Eraser and Eye-Nose Pen, to change future Nobita's face. Tamako arrives with her lipstick on and screams in horror seeing the two Nobitas looking "quite" well and faints, confusing them. Later, he turned both Nobitas back to normal and arrives that Shizuka's house looking for the delivery robot. When the delivery robot arrives, future Nobita demands him to give the present back, but he refuses because of the delivery rule. Then, the two Nobitas and Doraemon quickly grabbed the back of the Delivery Robot's vehicle and goes flying. Future Nobita fell down into the river, which leaves present Nobita and Doraemon who are still hanging on to the vehicle.

However, the delivery robot then appears and trying to go inside Shizuka's house. Both Nobitas attempt to stop it while Doraemon quickly pulls out a Space-Time Swapping Device. He then changed present Shizuka's house to future Shizuka's parents house (25 years later) and the robot deliveryman rings the doorbell. Future Shizuka opened the door and sees her husband Nobita. She replied what's wrong, then the robot deliveryman gives the present to her. Shizuka goes back outside, looking worried saying that she forgot to tell future Nobita about the handkerchief that present Nobita made, but he tells her not to worry, while Doraemon kinda agrees.

At the same in the future, future Shizuka ask Nobita why he was with his past self which replies that there is a bit of problem. He then notices that he forgot to return the past Shizuka her handkerchief. Seeing the handkerchief, Shizuka smiled and finally understand that her prince is never far away and always by her side, as the episode ends.


Main characters[]


I wonder who is my future prince looks like?

— Shizuka Minamoto, Talking to future Nobita

Your prince might not be the kind of guy who is too dependable or amazing, but because that he loves you, he'll keeping working hard to make that dream of your come true.. That's why you should looking forward to be with him, he'll definitely make you happy

— Nobita Nobi (Future), Talking to Present Shizuka on Shizuka-chan's Present is Nobita

Who are you calling an unattractive old geezer?!

— Present and Future Nobita, Shouted to Gian and Suneo on Shizuka-chan's Present is Nobita

Gadgets used[]


  • It's so unsure that how future Nobita able to access the Time Machine from the future, probably he still has his old study desk with him.
  • Future Shizuka FINALLY noticed present Nobita, but did not go in a shock. She smiles at him instead.
    • Although, she actually saw present Nobita before in "Nobita's Bride" but that was when she mistook him for her son Nobisuke until the actual Nobisuke arrived home.
  • Nobita is body shaming himself in this episode.
  • One of Tamako Nobi's weakness is revealed, which is: Getting Flattered.
  • 7-5-3 (Shichi-go-san) Festival is a celebration of children's growth at the age of three, five, and seven.
  • Nobita and Shizuka's wedding / anniversary occured in the October 25th, 14 years later from the present time, but Future Nobita said that he forgot his wedding anniversary with Shizuka the other day and he wants to buy her birthday present as a backup plan. Shizuka's birthday occured in the 8th of May, but future Nobita arrived at the 30th of May (episode aired date) to travel back to the present time to retrieve the present back.
  • This is the last episode of the 2005 anime to be dubbed into Latin American Spanish.