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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.

Shizuka-chan's Worst Birthday Ever is an episode from the Doraemon 2005 anime. This episode is called Sue's Worst Birthday Ever in the U.S. English version/dub.

When a series of mishaps ruins Sue’s birthday, Noby and Doraemon become time–travelling ninjas to set things right!


Nobita: [referring to his present] I hope she likes my present. You think she will?
Doraemon: Mm-hmm. [points forward] Hey, speaking of the birthday girl...
Shizuka: [runs up to them waving in a dress] Hey, guys. What's up?
Nobita: Whoa, look at you all dressed up.
Shizuka: Thanks. It was an early gift. I'm on my way to get strawberries for a cake my mom's making me. I'll meet you at my house in a few minutes. [runs off] Don't start the party with out me!

Future Nobita: "I can't take it anymore!"
Shizuka: "Thanks, guys! Best birthday ever!"

Future Doraemon: "You have to! Just hang on!"

Suneo Honekawa: "That's weird!"
Nobita Nobi: "Yeah! His voice seems a lot quieter than it normally does!"
Doraemon: "Yeah..."
Suneo Honekawa: "I can actually listen without my ears bleeding!"
Future Doraemon: "Remember, Noby! Stay strong! A ninja never quits!"
Future Nobita: "This ninja thing is overrated!"

Shizuka: "Thanks, guys! Best birthday ever!"