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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Shizuka-chan in My Pocket
Release date May 25, 2012
Japanese title ポケットの中のしずかちゃん
English title Shizuka-chan in My Pocket
Episode number 295
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Shizuka-chan in My Pocket is an episode from the 2005 series that centered around Shizuka


On Shizuka's birthday, Nobita asks Suneo and Gian on what they would give her. Suneo could only think of giving roses, while Gian offers a CD containing one of his recitals. Suneo criticizes on Gian's decision due to the latter's horrible singing which everyone dislikes in reality. An angry Gian attacks and tickles Suneo as he begs for mercy. Nobita, not wanting to attract Gian's wrath, escapes, much to Suneo's dismay. Nobita then takes out his coin while pondering on what should purchase before deciding that he should just ask her.

Nobita finds an unknown child, Chika, near Shizuka's place. Shizuka then shows up, and Chika gives Shizuka a tiny dress. Chika becomes overjoyed when Shizuka invites her too, and Nobita, staring at the dress, decides that it would be nice if he could somehow get Shizuka in it. He then runs back home.

Doraemon is in the bathroom trying to tie his whiskers and turns over, much to Nobita's amusement. However, he is enraged upon discovering that Nobita didn't buy anything yet, citing that he gave Nobita the coin so Nobita can choose for himself. Nobita claims that he will get one later and asks if he can help with undersized clothes, though the two are interrupted by Tamako, who wants to put on an undersized skirt yet fails due to her obesity. While she complains, Doraemon pulls out the Perfect Fit Camera. He takes a snapshot of Tamako, then the skirt, and a puff of smoke emerges, after which the resized skirt now fits her perfectly and she happily runs off. An astonished Nobita comments that his mother is fat, and an angry Takamo complains on her small skirt before insulting Doraemon's whiskers, much to the latter's dismay. Nobita is delighted after Doraemon briefly explains the camera's ability to scale any clothing automatically.

At Shizuka's place, Nobita uses the camera to take a snapshot of her, then the dress. Shizuka tells him to leave so she could change, and he waits outside, fantasizing her appearance with the dress while moving around randomly until Shizuka's scream causes him to lose balance and fall. He returns to her room to find her missing, the camera on a chair and a tiny Shizuka on her desk clad only in socks and another white dress. Upon seeing him, Shizuka blushes, screams again, covers herself with her arms and hides behind a framed image of her younger self. Confused, she tries to ask Nobita, who tells her to put on the dress first. Shizuka peeks out, then dons the dress off-screen.

Nobita praises on Shizuka's new attire, though when asked again on her reduced size, he explains that the camera is supposed to scale clothing relative to a person and assures her that it can also reverse the process. However, nothing happens when the camera is used, much to his confusion, and he declares that it is now depleted of power. Shizuka panics, as it is almost 1PM and people are supposed to arrive 2 hours later, and with her shrunken, it is impossible to finish the preparations. Nobita is confused as to why her mother isn't helping, though Shizuka reveals that she was out for the whole day due to being asked not to assist. They are interrupted by Chika calling for Shizuka asking for when should she arrive, to which Nobita answers 3PM. As Chika happily runs away with a handbag to buy groceries, Shizuka imagines her disappointment and begins to cry.

As a sad Shizuka sits on her bed, Nobita offers to help, assuring her that he would handle everything, and they happily go to work as Nobita dons an apron. Shizuka praises on how it fits him, to which be blushes. She then asks him to cut the sponge cake she made last night into three equal slices. Nobita grabs a saw and is about to strike vertically but is stopped by Shizuka who tells him to slice so horizontally instead. She then reads a recipe, and as Nobita starts mixing various items in a bowl, heads off to wrap ribbons around roasted drumsticks.

Meanwhile, Doraemon polishes his head with a towel. The gleam almost causes Takamo to burst out laughing while trying to drink water and she turns over, almost spilling the liquid in her mouth.

Nobita eats some of the strawberries while Shizuka tries to wipe cream onto the cake with a butter knife. Eventually, they manage to complete most of the cake as Nobita coats it with even more cream. However, Shizuka panics when they are running out of strawberries, and Nobita realizes that he ate some, forcing the two to buy more.

On their way back, Nobita apologizes to her for incurring extra work though she instead thanks him for helping, to which he jokes that he failed somewhat. Both then notice Suneo down the street with a batch of roses. He is confident that Shizuka will like his gift. Sueno then asks what does he have for Shizuka, and he tells Suneo he doesn't have anything. Suneo advises him not to disappoint Shizuka and leaves. Nobita takes out the coin, and it suddenly manifests Doraemon's scolding face which reminds him of Doraemon's prior statement. Nobita panics and runs as Shizuka grabs onto the apron while hiding.

Nobita notices Chika near 2 vending machines and she reveals that she lost a coin after tripping over. She then bursts into tears. He locates the coin under the orange machine and complains on his inability to reach it. Chika, upon realizing this, cries even harder as she would be punished by her mother. Shizuka then offers to help him and barely holds onto it due to the coin's massive weight relative to hers. As she is about to return it, however, she senses insects chirping around, and moments later an angry cricket appears. A terrified Shizuka screams and pushes the coin, which zooms out before Nobita can catch it. A cat slaps the rolling coin and it rolls away as Chika panics while Nobita retrieves Shizuka and throws her into his pocket. Nobita chases after the coin, with Shizuka briefly popping out, and it falls into a storm drain through a grate. Shizuka hides as Chika approaches, and Nobita tries to retrieve it with small tree branches. However, it slips from his grip and sinks into the dark waters below, and he briefly panics. Chika, presuming that he has obtained the coin, asks him for it. Not wanting to disappoint the smiling Chika, he reaches into his pocket as Shizuka watches, and gives Chika his coin, claiming that he was successful in retrieving hers. A happy Chika embraces him and while briefly relieved, Nobita comes to the realization that he won't be able to get Shizuka anything. Shizuka looks at them and smiles.

Back at the Minamoto household, Suneo, Chika and Gian praises Shizuka's new dress, while Nobita and Doraemon hide behind the door, with the latter putting a torch into his pocket. Doraemon tells Nobita that he could have just asked when Shizuka was shrunken, while an embraced Nobita scratches his head and agrees. The two then reveal themselves and Doraemon asks Nobita to show Shizuka their gift. Nobita points at an orange flower inside a mug, and Doraemon panics before asking him "What is going on?". Nobota tries to conceal the reasons, whist Gian and Suneo brag on their gifts, mocking Nobita for being stingy. Doraemon looks at them with disgust and Nobita becomes nervous, though Chika remarks on its cuteness, much to everyone's surprise. Shizuka then appears, claiming that she liked the flower anyway, before thanking him for saving the situation when the coin fell into the storm drain, and he smiles. Doraemon pops up and pushes them over with his head while asking on the matter. Shizuka refers to it as a secret, and Nobita agrees before both walk off. Bewildered, Doraemon crosses his arms and briefly chimes in confusion, before Chika approaches, imitating him as the episode ends.


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