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Shizuka Nobi is a character in the Doraemon series. She is the adult Shizuka Minamoto, who is married to Nobita Nobi and has a son named Nobisuke Nobi.


Shizuka is a smart and kind woman. Shizuka loves to bathe and does it several times a day passionately. She is also very kind and affectionate, but she turns strict when her son does mischief.


Shizuka Nobi as an adult only appears from the episodes that happened around the future. One episode is when she mistook 10-year-old Nobita who came from the past for her son Nobisuke, and in most episodes, she gets angry at Nobisuke whenever he does bad things such as bullying.

1979 Series

  • The color of her hair brown. In the original version, her hair is really short. While for the 1979 remake, her hair is long and has a big ponytail behind it.

Shizuka scolding Nobisuke Nobi for bullying Suneki Honekawa and Yasashiku Gouda.

Differences Between the Two Shizuka's in the 1979 Version

  • In the 1979 series, there are two types of future Shizuka we can see throughout the series. In the two episodes, Time Skipping Pulley and Time Capsule, we can ONLY see her whole body and her voice, except for the face which is not revealed for an unknown reason. Next is, Home-Eco Apron, we can hear her voice and her whole body appearance too, which possibly an improved version of future Shizuka

2005 Series

  • Her hair color is black and has the same appearance as from the 1979 remake.


  • Has the same appearance like from the 1979 remake version.


  • Same hair color and same personality from the 2005 version.


  • Although the hair color isn't colored in the manga version, she has the same appearance like from the 1979 original version.


Nobita Nobi

She is married to future Nobita. They are shown to have a good relationship, like the relationship between present Nobita and Shizuka.


Nobisuke, being aggressive and naughty, often gets himself in trouble, as opposed to his father Nobita, much to her dismay, She constantly punishes him as a result.


Your father is such a quiet, carefree, and obedient person. Why are you being such an unruly child?!

— Shizuka Minamoto (Future) on 1979 Anime, Spanking Nobita, mistaking him as her son, Nobisuke

Hey, why were you with little Nobita-san from long time ago?

— Shizuka Minamoto (Future) on 2005 Anime, talking to her husband, Nobita Nobi (Future)

Did you finish your homework? Did you finish cleaning the room? Do it right away!

— Shizuka Minamoto (Future) on Mini-Dora SOS!!, Talking to Nobisuke, while talking to Dorami

You really haven't changed at all. I worry about you. You need someone to look after you. Yeah... all right. The answer to your question is... yes.

— Shizuka Minamoto (Future) on Stand by Me, Accepting Nobita's proposal from the Snowy Mountain inside the cave.


  • In the episode, Nobita's Bride (1979) Original, after she grabbed present Nobita, it is unknown why she didn't see Doraemon who is right beside Nobita.
  • Her personality as a mother is similar to Gian's mother and Tamako Nobi, as they both punish their children for misbehavior. However, Shizuka doesn't prefer the prolific use of violence and has a calm temper.
  • On Nobita's Bride (2005) Original, when she saw Doraemon running back to the time machine with Nobita while being chased by Nobisuke, she did realize that it was him and present Nobita who were sneaking into their house. While for the remake, she only said that she met little Nobita somewhere before, but did not mention Doraemon since he was invisible
  • The age of Young Adult and Adult Shizuka is that is pretty similar to each other, except for Nobita (Future) who made a huge transformation 25 years later in the future