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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.

Shopping Across the Ages (時代を超えてお買い物 Jidai o koete o kaimono) is an episode from the 2005 series.


The episode opens with Nobita's face on a camera, then it cuts to Nobita looking at the cameras in the shop. He goes to his house and counts his money. Doraemon walks over to him and asks Nobita what he's doing. Nobita explains that he saw a used camera and wants to buy it. Doraemon asks how much money he has, and he says he has 6775 yen. Doraemon tells him he only needs 225 more yen, Nobita lets him know he met 6775 more to make 7000. Nobita's dad calls him,and asks him to buy some soda. Nobita asks if he can have more, his dad says how much and he says 1000 more, to which his dad yells at him. It then cuts to Nobita walking to the store and sees that it's closed. Nobita goes back to his dad, smiling. "It's closed" Nobita says cheerfully. "There's a vending machine there too!" his dad says. Nobita stops. "It's a pain going back and forth, I'll ask Doraemon to do it."

"Doraemon!" Nobita says, but he's not there. He looks around and sees a weird venting machine. He puts the coins in and pulls the lever down. Nobita gets scared and jumps back. The venting machine spits out soda bottles. Nobita brings the soda bottles to his dad, then his mom asks him to get laundry detergent. Nobita goes to the vending machine and gets soap bars. His mom scolds him because she can't wash clothes with hand soap, and that he bought that many. He apologizes and runs off. Nobita walks past the room his dad is in and sees someone else in there. The person mentions how cheap soda was. Nobita walks upstairs and wonders about how cheap things were back then. Nobita wonders if he can get a camera like that. He puts in 100 yen but a camera doesn't come out. He puts in ten more yen, still nothing. He starts banging and crying on the machine. Just then Doraemon arrives back, and wants to know why Nobita's banging on the machine. Nobita cries saying that the machine isn't giving him a camera. Doraemon isn't surprised and looks at the year. The year is 752 (The Nara period). Doraemon asks Nobita if he really thinks there are cameras in the Nara period. Nobita asks what it is, and thinks it's the time of Nara pickles. Doraemon flops. "The Nara period was when the Buddhist temple was built." Nobita asks where the coin return button is. "There isn't one..." Doraemon says. Nobita flops. Nobita gets all over the machine, wanting his money back. Doraemon asks him how much money he has left. Nobita whines. (WIP)


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  • Due to the ending of the anime, the Vending time machine isn't a way around inflation. When Nobita sets the time during the great depression, it spits out a lot of sodas. ($1 [134.91 Yen] in 1930 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $17.83 [2,404.21 Yen] today.)